The Grand affair of Xbox Series -X games Scheduled on July 23rd

Xbox July event

We finally have a date on the biggest Xbox event that users could remember building up. The Xbox July event has been building up for so long and something that a lot of fans and insiders have been talking about for a while.

Well, they can finally rest easy knowing when we finally get to see the big Xbox game Studio’s first-party grand show that they want to put out. The Grand Affair is scheduled for July 23rd. It seems a little bit of way, but we have so much more information to go along with this event that it’s looking like Microsoft Xboxis coming with a lot of content this summer. And for the first time, Xboxis going to deliver on its promise of providing us with a roadmap of their future in Xbox series X -games. It is also going to be a great event for launching the Halo Infinite.

This type of event gets fans excited because they know that they’ll get to see some new marvelous games. They’ll get to see amazing content like Halo infinite and other cool games that seem to be coming down the pipeline for Xbox.

So let’s not waste any more time and finally dive into the biggest Xbox show we’ve ever seen.

This show needs to really show out what Xbox is doing for the Xbox series X and for Next Generation.

1. Specific Date and Time of Event.

The first thing I want to get into is the specific date of the event. We’ve all heard for a little while that this Xbox event was going to be coming around July, but we’ve never ironed out an exact date.

So the Exact date and Time is July 23rd @ 9 am PT.

We finally have a date of July 23rd, which is a great time because that falls on a Thursday that fits the same day when the PlayStation Vibe event was scheduled. On Thursday where people can enjoy the end of the week event and then enjoy a lot of trailers and media coverage on Friday and over the weekend.

2. Marketing Stats.

Xbox will be doing the same thing – trying to capitalize on the same exact marketing strategies that worked for Sony’s PS5 Reveal as the PlayStation 5-event was a massive success for Sony because there were so many people waiting for that announcement and the coverage was one of the biggest gaming events in history, on the internet.

As for Xbox the console will be the focus of the show and said this will be about the games and Xbox is going to give you so many reasons to buy the Xbox series X. Get the subscription service of Xbox game pass and every single first-party game that has shown, will be there with day and date on Xbox game pass.

3. Insiders – Third Party Applicators

The July event will focus primarily on the series X Games coming from Xbox game studios, but it will also confirm additional titles coming from third-party Publishers. Fans figured that there would be some sort of third party support at the show, much like Sony had at their show.

Sony showed up with some amazing first-party titles, and we all enjoyed those. They were the focal point of the show and really kicked off the event with a bang but also ended the show with a graphical showpiece like Horizon Zero Dawn 2. But in the middle of the show, they had a ton of third-party games to show games that will on all platforms and not only the PlayStation 5. It was a striking difference of the Xbox Maven were Xbox showed some amazing second party deals they had in place. They weren’t first-party games, but a lot of those games showed we’re going to be exclusive to the Xbox series.

4. Halo infinite and Other Versailles

The company is planning on showing games made by its Xbox Game Studios, including Halo Infinite. Three hundred forty-three industries briefly teased Halo Infinite in a trailer a couple of weeks ago, revealing that The Banished antagonists are returning for the next big installment in the Halo franchise. It’s not just about the Halo game, as the company has more 15 Xbox Game Studios. Xbox fans are now hoping to see what those studios are working on for the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has also extended its Fable Trademark to cover portable speakers, USB chargers, headphones, and more.

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Summing up –

Not that long ago, these Xbox and Play Station games were those that we only saw in science fiction movies. And that some never thought to have those on our screens. But with the existing technology, we have manifested the works of Reality Gaming. For over a million fans of Xbox, this mega event is going to trace up their gaming experience within a jaw-dropping suspense clutch. The blitz game play will surely let you enjoy to your fullest. So be there on July 23rd at @9 am PT for the X series to join the benevolent hierarchy of Microsoft’s Xbox.

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