Razer’s latest Blade Stealth 13 gaming laptop are discounted today

Razer - The BLADE STEALTH 13

Grab the discounted offer of Razer’s beyond belief TechSavvy – The BLADE STEALTH 13 and its other accessories Today.

Keeping aside the coronavirus pandemic and this stodgy lockdown, I have great news for the gamers and techies over here. The Intel’s finest piece of Razer – The BLADE STEALTH 13 and its other accessories are available at a discounted price today. When it comes to a high-end performance laptop, Razer has never let its fans down, may it be their Laptops, Mice, Speakers, or headphones. They have always known to render the top-notch for every production with their trademark.

A similar gesture is given on this BLADE STEALTH 13. A premium laptop, with the sleekest design, and incredible performance is compacted has joined the astound hierarchy of RAZER. And getting this deal at such a low discounted price, is like icing on the cake.

We will be covering the most questioned aspects of this laptop like –

  1. Recent Advancements
  2. Built Structure and Strength
  3. Touchscreen
  4. Keyboard
  5. TrackPad
  6. Speakers
  7. Port Selection
  8. Specs and Performance
  9. Thermals
  10. Battery

So without wiggling around, let’s dive in through the specs and modules of this laptop.

1.Recent Advancements.

Over the past year and a half, RAZER has slowly made the Blade Stealth faster and more of an actual gaming laptop in terms of performance. Going through the past advancements we notice that

  1. First, they gave it a quad-core CPU in early 2019
  2. Then the MX 150
  3. Then the GTX 1650 Max Q and the new ice Lake CPUs
  4. And now they bumped it up again to the 1650 TI Max Q, and they also increase the TDP of the CPU from 15 Watts to 25 Watts.

It’s the same CPU but it can now consume more power for higher clock speeds. There’s also been a couple of other changes both good and bad which we’ll talk about as we go through the laptop.

2.Built Structure and Strength.

The build of the blade stealth hasn’t changed at all. It’s still a unibody aluminum housing and a black anodized finish. It’s a very well-built laptop in terms of structural rigidity and strength, but users really wish they offered it in like a dark gray or white finish on all the different configurations. Because as nice as black looks it shows oils very easily. But if you have a dark grey finish or really anything other than black it becomes almost impossible to see it.

In terms of strength, there’s very little flecks on the screen and on the keyboard deck. It’s actually better than the MacBook Pro for structural rigidity. The hinge can be opened with one hand and it is stiff enough to completely resist moving when you tap on it while it’s half-closed. That is already quite difficult to do especially when you need to do it consistently across all the laptops that you’re selling, but it’s not stiff enough to minimize the screen mobile enough to where it’s not really noticeable.


This is only really relevant to the 4K touchscreen. The 1080p model does not support touch. You actually need to poke the screen to get it to wobble a significant amount.

One last thing that I want to mention regarding the physical build of this laptop. Rubber feet that they use are incredibly grippy. You can smack this laptop laterally and it will not move.


The keyboard is good and comfortable to type on and the two factors for that are the short key travel and the layout. To start with a good it’s tactile they fix the arrow key layout so you have a full-size right shift.

Typing speed and accuracy are both great. But the thing with the key travel is as long as it’s tactile, it won’t really affect your typing speed and accuracy. It’s really just a comfort thing. And regarding the layout, you’ll notice that a lot of the modifier keys are shorter in with. The tilde key is really small. The backspace is smaller. The pipe key is quite small and to be clear users much rather have those keys be smaller than to have RAZER cramped the entire keyboard. So like the alpha cluster where you spend 99% of your time with. Is not a big issue and relatively easy to get used to. Sincemost of the important Keys like backspace and shift are all easy to hit.


The trackpad is the same one from the last few Generations. So the only criticism with this is the weight like previous models. Users find that, just a little bit heavier than other trackpads, but it’s very smooth and it has its very subtle like silicone finish to it. It gives it a soft touch feel to the surface. The tracking accuracy and acceleration are both good. Although Users find that the tracking with very small movements could definitely be improved. Like if you want to move your text cursor just one character over to correct a spelling mistake. That’s something pretty much all windows trackpads do very well with. Great trackpad, also a little bit heavier than others.

The beast is Joining your WFH team – HP Envy x360(2020)


They get very loud and have a great bass. They have good detail and Clarity but it just needs a dedicated subwoofer. If you cut the base off something like the Surface Laptop 3 or the MacBook Air speakers that’s kind of what this sounds like. Great bass and amazing treble gives the perfect sound quality.

7.Port Selection.

Port selection is good on the Blade for an average user. So you have two Thunderbolt threes and two USB A’s with a headphone jack on the left. And as an added bonus, you can also charge the laptop from either site.

8.Specs and Performance

They have two screen options with this –

  • 1080p 120hz
  • 4K touch screen

It’s really cool that they’re now offering a high refresh panel for 13-inch laptops, especially now that CPUs and GPUs are becoming more power-efficient. In terms of image quality. The Contrast and color gamut are all good. The color accuracy on this is exceptionally good. It’s right up there with the MacBook Pro.

Probably the 1080p panel is good because you also get

  • Better battery life.
  • It’s nicer for gaming
  • It probably has better response times.

They’re all running the same CPU and GPU with 16 gigs of RAM and this thing pushes out very good frame rates for such a small and lightweight 13-inch laptop. If you want to play more demanding games, you’re going to have a great time with graphics at 1080p which is what users would expect from a 6 and 50 TI.


The Thermals on this are also quite a bit better than the MacBook, the surface laptop, and the XPS 13. But you’d also expect that given that this thing also needs to be able to cool the 1650 TI properly under a full system load. You’ve still got quite a bit of Room to reduce fan speed and fan noise without thermal throttling.


There’s a 53 Watt battery inside that will get you about five and a half hours of battery life and presumably more if you go for the 1080p model. They also include a bigger 100-watt USBC charge, which in testing did not drain the battery under a full system load. That was a pretty big complaint with the previous model and it also gives the CPU that higher TDP for better performance.

So summing up

The thing with the Razer Blade Stealth is that even though it has the best in class specs and looks, it’s very expensive. It starts at $1,800 for the 1080p model and $2000 for the 4K model.

So it’s the best time to grab the deal before it ends. It’s also the smallest 13-inch laptop with a GTX 1650 TI and they executed it very well with good thermals to back it up, manual fan control, and just an overall good laptop. If you need high performance in a 13-inch form factor, not a 14 or 15 inch one, then this is probably what you’re looking for. Speakers, the keyboard, the trackpad, the screen, and better battery life -This is good in those all areas. If you want absolutely no compromises on the keyboard if you’re an author on the screen, if you’re a content creator, then that’s what these laptops really excel at.

This article had covered all the top questions like –

  • Is the Razer Blade Stealth 13 worth it?
  • Is the Razer Blade Stealth 13 touch screen?
  • Can you game on Razer Blade stealth?

I think this is really a good laptop overall which can be your great gaming partner as well as join your WFH team with great efficiency.

Hope you grab it soon. Thanks for reading.

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