The best IOS Games to play in 2020

IOS Games

In today’s post we will know about best IOS Games to play. Games are known to challenge us and get our problem-solving skills to action.  Besides sparking our abilities, the games have a unique relaxing power. Games are known to make us a smile a little more and laugh a little louder by connecting with our best pals. No matter where you are, you can play these games for all-purpose, provided you have an Apple iPhone.

Whether you got a new iPhone or got bored with what you have, you would be animated to know that reform it, and it can be one of the most crucial consoles. It is mainly because the iPhone has started the mobile gaming revolution that is home to exciting multitouch innovation to port some prominent titles.

Currently, all phones are efficient enough to handle powerful consoles, provided you buy the right games.

Some of the best IOS Games to play now are:

Strategy games:

These are all-time favorite iPhone card games that have now been turned to strategy titles.

  • Maze Machina- The game lets you find a mouse in the maze. Though it doesn’t represent the cardboard creation of cheese at the end, it offers to challenge clockwise construction created by a robot. The aim is to exit after finding the key.

Every tile on the grid acts as a power-up. As you move by swiping up, everything on the network follows it. Thus it will be great if you strategize to reach your goal and avoid getting distracted. Each game offers new challenges with a different combination. It is available on the app store for


  • Starbeard- It is one of the best IOS Games under the strategy section. It features a race of space games, and one needs to defend their gardens from aliens. You can stab them by engaging your brain instead of focusing on sword arms as the game is a match puzzler.

Your attacks are based on your actions that are available if fully charged by matching specific items. Thus, this game is way more than any typical gem matcher as it demands victory over those irritating bugs by using your brain instead of digits’ ability. It is available on the app store for $2.99.

Adventure games:

When it comes to adventure games, nothing beats the quality of room escape games and gamebooks.

  • Reventure- It tops the all-time favorite IOS Games The game features a side-scrolling 2d platform adventure with a variation. Even though leap about and chance upon different quizzes, your end aim is to die.

Furthermore, your aim should be to die in different ways. You need to figure out and collect several deaths as it can be both challenging and entertaining. It is easy to get to your demise in the early stage without stabbing anyone, but it becomes challenging in subsequent steps.

The game features a unique concept of breaking point. At times you need to die to reach the next level. The classic game is available on the app store for $3.99.

  • Speed dating for ghosts- The game is ideal for those who are keen on finding love afterlife. The players are asked to select a room and burst on instant chats with potential partners. It is assumed you don’t nag someone beyond limits; you then choose to go on a date.


It might sound a little off track, but it isn’t any horror dating thing. Instead, it’s a closure to Florence- a heartfelt story with a lot of souls and little interaction. Throughout the games, if you crave for the agency, you won’t be excited after seeing it, but you can surely delve into tinged tales peppered with hope.


The game is here to win your heart at the apple store for $2.99.

Arcade games:

From multitouch madness to breakout and one thumb rhythm action some of the best IOS Games under arcade section are:

  • Octagon 2- The twitch iPhone game is set in a tunnel that features a super Hexagon painted in an octagonal tube. The Octagon doesn’t fancy being slung into the void. It means you need to swipe to hop it sideways or upswing to the ceiling to prevent some holes on the floor.


You might fail in your mission even if you hesitate slightly. Though all the levels are generated algorithmically, you are given an opportunity to master the choreography needed to win the game. Through limitless refreshes, you get five levels for free.


If you want to unlock the entire game, you need to pay. The game is available on the app store for Free + $1.99.

  • Vectronom- Though the game is both ears pleasing and visually arresting, it is an exciting game. In a world loaded with geometric what more do you need than to reach the exit, to reach there you need to traverse a landscape that changes with the beat?


You need to find out soon that this is not freeform iPhone game of pathfinding timing. Often moving into what looks like thin air, you need to swipe to the beat. Ideally, the game slopes up complications of the rhythms and challenges.

Thus you need to know that losing your rhythm sense indicates some doom. It is available for $3.99 on the app store.

Platform games:

Some of the best platform games include retro-style 2D titles, console-style adventures, etc.

  • GRIS- It is one of the best IOS Games available under the platform games. The game is a great deal of art. It features a beautiful hand-illustrated world. The main agenda of this game includes running, jumping, and finding stuff that unlocks the next level.

The masterful game is available on the app store for $4.99.

  • Death hall- the game is similar to Super Mario Bros. The simple match features running and jumping to escape the Death hall. The stunning design attracts you to play the game continuously. Though the game is a little overwhelming at times, you will enjoy playing it.

The game is available for $2.99 on the app store.

Thus these are some best IOS Games.