Best tech gifts for women

tech gifts for women

Whoever says that women aren’t into tech gifts or gadgets is simply plain wrong. According to research, almost 7 out of 10 women would like to receive a tech gift! Even more so if they are below 30 years old. Bottom line? Don’t trust the stereotypes, if you’ve seen her with gadgets before, she might even be a techie! For those of you that don’t have time, here’s the ultimate list of tech gifts for women.

Ready to get your mind blown with the latest tech? Here we go!

Samsung Smart Watch

For the techie girls that like to receive jewelry gifts, we chose this beautiful rose gold SmartWatch from Samsung. With this watch, she will send and receive texts, calendar notifications, news updates, and far more, and every one of this with a trendy accessory. A bound-to-be bestseller tech gift for ladies in 2020!

Shower Speaker

Does she love to sing? Then there is a high chance she might be doing it in the shower as well. Thanks to this fully waterproof blue tooth speaker she will sing to her favorite tracks while within the shower. This speaker is additionally the right tech gift for her to require when she goes to the beach because it is portable and its silicone case is dustproof.

XY Keyring Finder

Is the woman you’re buying a present for constantly losing her keys, phone, or handbag? Then you will save her a lot of frustration each morning with this Tile Bluetooth tracking device. It can be used in two ways. Or she attaches the tile to the item she tends to lose (f.e. keys), and with her phone, she can make it ring. Or, if she always loses her phone, she can tap the tile to make her phone ring.

Kindle E-reader

If she is into reading as well as a techie, she will love this latest Kindle Oasis E-reader as a gift. Besides having a really slick and premium look and feel, this e-reader features a 7″ screen delivering a staggering 300ppi resolution. It reads like a real paper even in bright sunlight, and on top it is waterproof.

Leather Tassel Charger

We all couldn’t live a day anymore without our smartphone. The time we spend on them uses up power, so a good USB charging cable comes in handy during the day. However, rather than carrying around a careless cable in her purse, give her this design leather tassel charging cable. This tech gift is out there during a sort of trendy color so you’ll even find the right match for her favorite handbag.

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

Ask Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, and she will give you the answer! She can easily play music and alarms, make calls, check the weather, ask any question, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more. The 2020 gimmick for any female techie to have!

Wireless Charging Pad

You’ve probably been expecting to ascertain a phone charging station somewhere on this list of cool tech gifts for ladies. It combines functional with smart design. Sleek mousepad will keep the desk tidy and her phone charged.

Laptop Sleeve

A tech-loving girl will want to stay her precious laptop nice & secure. With this gorgeous sleeve by Woof is currently very fashionable. Available in a wide variety of unique prints.

Design Speaker

When it involves tech gifts for ladies, high-end design Bluetooth speakers are an absolute favorite. And if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to both design and performance, you just can’t beat Bang &Olufsen. The Beoplay A1 is small enough to fit in her pocket, yet delivers an unparalleled sound quality. All while looking absolutely dashing.

Google Home Hub

Simple & small, but elegant & versatile, the Google Home Hub is that the gadget for a tech-loving girl in 2020. It gives instant access and control over any and all smart home devices. There’s the option to use your voice to control lights, plugs, locks, cameras and more, or use the pull-down menu to see a nicely organized list of connected devices and the status of each.

Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphone Sanitizer is a must-have gadget for any girl. As we use our phones countless times each day, this stuff must get quite dirty. But finally, she will able to give it a proper cleaning with this nifty gimmick! The ScreenKlean is compact & easy to hold during a small purse.

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Portable Washing Machine

Next, we have a handy gadget gift for young women who are off to school. Thanks to this foldable washing machine, she will be able to do her laundry from the comfort of her dorm. On top, due to its smart eco-friendly design, it’ll use much less energy and water as compared to traditional washing machines.

Due to is ever-changing technology and, let’s face it, who can keep up? If you’re looking for the highest rated tech gifts this season or need a nudge in the right direction, this is where you will get to know answers to all your questions. Finding just the right present that’s both impressive and useful is no easy task. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.