Twitter Testing Out “Quote” Tweet Count

Twitter test Quote tweet count

Twitter recently changed the language of Retweets to ‘Retweets with comments’. Now, the company is testing another overhaul to make quotes (also known as retweets with comments) visible on each tweet. Twitter confirmed the development this Saturday via a tweet.

Twitter appears to be making some interesting moves. Some of which like finally introducing a dedicated chat box for its web various, have been a long time coming.

However, rumors that the company is setting up some sort of a subscription platform are more out of the left field and will be interesting to if they develop any further.

Twitter test “Quote” tweet count

The company recently made retweets with comments more visible when users tap to see retweets. However, Twitter introducing the “Quote” tweet count is designed to make it even more visible and accessible.

The company says it is trialing this new language metric to see if it works better than the previous system. This will be available to everyone as the company wants to see makes the metric “easier to access and more understandable.”

To be clear the number of “Quotes” a tweet gets is the number of times a tweet was retweeted with a comment.

Twitter replaces retweets with comments metric

It was back in May that Twitter introduced the retweets with comments metric. This came to some iOS users and displayed next to the retweets and likes counter much like the quotes metric is now.

The original innovation made it much easier to find retweets with a reply. This, in turn, made it easier for many to interact with conversations on the platform.

This is not the first time Twitter has introduced new features that have not become permanent. The company tried the ‘original tweeter’ label which informed people who started a conversation.

The platform has also seen a snooze feature for notifications as well as an option to get notifications for replies to a single tweet. As mentioned, these never became permanent features so this new feature may also fall by the wayside.

However, Twitter mentioned in January that it wanted to refine its UI to improve conversations. The company held concerns about getting ‘ratio’d’ and ‘dunking’ on tweets so wanted to improve this.

Given the nature of this new feature, it is likely it will stay around in one form or another. We may not see the exact language of ‘quote’ counts forever. However, these retweets with comments metrics do look like it is here to stay.