Google Assistant can now send audio messages using voice command

Google Assistant can now send audio messages using voice command

Google is one of some tech giant companies that are on the top and intends to remain so. And accordingly, they need to constantly adapt, adopt, and evolve, bringing in new features. With a long history of updates and new features, Google is again in the news for another addition. While this may not be an innovative one, it is still a welcome addition. Now Google has introduced a new Audio Message feature to Google Assistant.

There are loads of users who are too lazy to type long messages as well as avoid making phone calls. Or others who simply don’t like or avoid doing either or both of them. What can these users do instead then? Audio messages! Audio messages offer a middle ground that neither needs laborious texting, nor the personal call interaction. It even adds the personal touch that text messages are devoid of.

We are all aware of audio messages, and this has even been there on social messaging platforms like WhatsApp for quite some time now. But now it is possible to send such audio clips through Google Messages too. And totally hands-free! Users don’t even have to open the app themselves first!


Google has recently upgraded its Google Assistant user interface dedicating it to send audio clips through Google Message. It is a simple procedure as well. Users having both hands busy, or unable to use the phone or just don’t wish to open the app, can use it as well, from the home screen itself.

All one has to do is bring the Google Assistant prompt on the screen by saying “Ok Google”. Go ahead with saying that “send an audio message to <contact>.” And follow this by recording the message itself. Alternatively, if users have a change of mind, they can just say cancel audio recording to do so.

This new upgrade is an extension of an already existing feature to send audio messages. It just makes the whole process a lot easier and integrates with Google Assistant and Messages. This update, as Google says, has been rolled out for most English speaking countries across the globe as well as in Portuguese in Brazil.

So Google may not be the first to think of this, but it shows they still wish to constantly bring in new features. A focus on regularly improving user experience. This new update comes at a time when there are rumors of an extension of Google Assistant to the Gboard keyboard interface as well.


Apart from this update, Google also recommended five other methods in which users can use Google Assistant, some of which include:

Get help reading web articles: With Google Assistant, your browser can read web articles out loud. Whenever a web article is displayed on your browser in your Android smartphone, you can say, “Hello Google, read it” or “Hello Google, read this page” and it will immediately read aloud the content of that web page.

Find restaurants offering delivery or takeout: Just say “Hello Google, find restaurants that deliver near me” or “Hello Google, show me restaurants with takeout.”

Snap a selfie: By saying, “Hello Google, take a selfie,”Google Assistant will open your phone’s front-facing camera and snap a picture on the count of three.

Call or text your best friend: All you need to say is “Hello Google, video call Taylor.” And if I’m running late to our call, I can always just ask Google to send her a text by saying, “Hello Google, tell Taylor I’m running late.”