Today In History August 28


Human events take place in time, one event after the other. It is important to learn the sequence of historical events to trace them, reconstruct them, and weave the stories that tell of their connections. We need to learn the measures of time, such as year, decade, generation, and century. When they listen “Once upon a time in history” they need to be able to ask “When did that happen?” and to know how to search for the answer.

Let’s discuss a few major Historical events in Today’s History.

1963: Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington

More than 200,000 people gather for a peaceful civil rights rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, and Martin Luther King, Jr. makes one of the most popular and quoted speeches in Modern Day History saying the immortal words ” I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” to the peaceful demonstrators black and white, poor and rich who had come together in the nation’s capital to demand voting rights and equal opportunity for African Americans and to appeal for an end to racial segregation and discrimination.

1968: Anti-Vietnam War Protesters in Chicago

At the Democratic convention in Chicago 10’s of thousands of Anti-Vietnam war protesters battle police in the streets. The mayor of Chicago Richard Daley calls in 15,000 state and federal officers together with Chicago 12,000 officers to control the streets. As the situation worsened Television Cameras were on hand as Police used tear gas and were beating the protesters including innocent newsmen and doctors who had come to aid the injured. The backlash from these events shown on news programs throughout the country caused a swell of the ordinary American to question what America was doing in Vietnam if that was how they treated their own citizens.

1994: Sunday Trading Laws

Following a change in Sunday Trading Laws passed, thousands of shops throughout England and Wales have legally opened. Hundreds of thousands of shops were open before but always took the chance of being prosecuted under the Shops Act 1950. This will affect a few of the largest department store chains who have not opened due to the old laws including Marks and Spencer and the House of Fraser chain of department stores.