Android 11 is here to make all the Difference

android 11

Finally, Android 11 is ready to release. Right now, the update to Google’s mobile operating system is rolling out. Beginning with Google’s own devices and pixels, some other phone makers have also got their phone ready. In the coming weeks and months, the update is most likely to expanded.

You are in a treat if you are lucky to have a phone that is getting the new OS sooner than later. Throughout the Android 11, some tweaks make a huge difference in how you will use the phone regularly.

One of the remarkable additions that Android 11 brings to your device over Android 10 is a committed space for conversations. Thus the latest version also enhances a new privacy-focused change. For Pixel2 and other models following it, Google has released. You don’t need to worry if you don’t own a Pixel phone as Android 11 is coming to select Realme, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi phones.

How to install the Android 11?

Google will send you a notification for downloading android 11 over the air if you have a Pixel or later Pixel phone. Alternatively, you can also check for updates going through settings. Google has also released updates files for all the compatible Pixel Phones that can sideloaded by you manually after downloading them on the website.

What’s new and improved under the Android 11 features?

As per the latest notes from Google, it can concluded that android 11 mainly focuses on privacy and people’s controls. Some of the feature highlights of Android 11 are:

Dedicated conversation notifications

Be it any texting app, messages from it will built into Android or third party chat apps, including Facebook Messenger. The messages now appear in their own sections at the top of the notification window.

Google states that from this section, one would be able to take some specific actions. All you need to do is open the conversation as a bubble and create a conversation shortcut on the home screen of the phone, or also you can set a reminder.

After pressing it for long, you can set it as a priority. By doing so, the sender’s avatar will be seen on the phone’s lock screen. Additionally, you can also allow the person to break through any do not disturb restrictions set by you.

In-built screen recording

To scale back on the feature, Google has tried to introduce screen recording to Android. The best part is Android 11 delivers capability that matches the feature iPhone owners have built-in their phones. You can also capture the audio from the sound on the screen and phone’s mic when you are recording.

One time permissions

Regularly, android 11 continues to fine-tune permissions by integrating only this time option that offers momentary access to things, including location tracking, camera, and the microphone. Under this scenario, the consent expires when you stop using the app. The granuity level under Ios user enjoys, so it is fantastic to see that coming for Android users. 

Furthermore, android 11 expands only a feature on Android that allows users to give the location to the apps when they used actively. A similar part being extended to the camera and the microphone based on the second developer preview.

New button menu

Long before the option spotted on the beta version of Android 11, the new version of Google’s OS now features a device control menu that mainly appears when you long-press the power button on the Android device. You can access options for payment cards, smart home device controls, and other settings from this menu.

Notably, the device control panel is noteworthy. It indicates that Android11 offers quick access for managing smart home gadgets from the Android device.

New media player widget

The media controls Android 11 redesigns to make it easier to switch any devices to your media quickly. For example, you can switch from headphones to a speaker.

Auto improvements from Android

With Android 11, the auto now works wirelessly, provided you driving a compatible car. Also, Google provides a list of compatible vehicles and stereos on the web portal. It gives more accessible phone features, including media playback, directions, and texting. 

Quick updates

The play system updates modules with the aim of speeding up when Android 11 users get privacy and security updates. Google Play also sends such fixes, so you don’t need to wait anymore for full updates.

Some other Android 11 additions from the beta version:

On camera use third party app restrictions

At first glance, it may sound like an improvement, but as per Google, it makes a move to protect apps from harvesting your location. Android 11 is most likely to make it default camera app when a third party app asks to use your camera.

Apps like Instagram aren’t restricted so that they can use their camera.

Notification tweaks and do not disturb

When it comes to refining permissions, you can enjoy broader customization options if you use the do not disturb feature in Android 11. It will allow you to pick the apps or contacts that permitted to trigger the notifications.

Latest emojis

In July, the first look of the latest emojis seen.  Android 11 presents at least 117 new emojis that approved by Unicode Consortium. It seems that Google is focusing on redesigning a few of the animal emojis. It is forecasted that the final version will indicated in Android 11.

Support new screens

Mainly the change aimed at the developers, and it poses some implications for end-users. Be it foldable screens or cut-outs; Android 11 is adding tools that will let the app makers use their software for different displays.

Thus the new android 11 update is most likely going to create a boom in the market by adding APIs that will allow call screening apps to work better. Google is taking steps to ensure that its mobile OS takes full advantage of the 5G cellular connection.