Top companies to launch open-source smart home standard in 2021

open-source smart home

Smart home dreams are now on the verge of completion with the new age devices that several big brands conceptualize and would shortly bring to reality. Google, Amazon, Zigbee Alliance, and Apple are working on the project CHIP that visions about a perfect open-source smart home device. With this, customers can set up their personal preferences on a home control system and receive a desirable device. The best part is there would be no single brand ruling this technique.

Time to go for a generalized smart home technology!

An open-source smart home is a boon for the smart homemakers and even lazy lags who like to manage every bit of their house with advanced technology. Internet is an integral part of our lives, and right from the morning breakfast when you use to coffee maker to the electric toaster and geyser for bathing, everything is tech-based. It’s time to raise the bars of such tech-friendly devices with the new era connectivity.

But the epic jeopardy is that there are so many devices. And it gets challenging to pick the best out of all as you never know which can suit best for you. Also, managing multiple smart home devices might even confuse you!

CHIP launch is a mega step in bringing to track the ideal smart home system that has all-in-one features. You might be familiar with Alexa, Siri, and Google and heir functioning for your convenience. What if you get a chance to go a step above and control all tasks with a single voice-command-based automated system?

What does an open-source smart home mean?

Smart homes are the modern tech-friendly homes that have every gadget that makes your life sorted and manageable. Top brands are competing these days to hunt for products that can deal perfectly with security and automation. How about having a single ‘internet based system’ at your place. Devices cannot co-ordinate with each other, and open-source smart home is a breakthrough option to grant you a dream smart home that is an epitome of perfection.

Gadget freaks are eagerly waiting for 2021 when a mega-launch of such a standard smart home system might turn into a reality and the Zigbee Alliance.

Why is project CHIP a technological sensation?

Smart home connectivity was only a dream until big tech giants Google, Apple, and Amazon came on a common platform to develop open-source smart home standards! They term it as the project CHIP (Project Connected Home over IP), a new revolution in the world of smart home gadgets.

As per the details stated by their official website, “Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) is a new Working Group that plans to develop and promote the adoption of a new. And royalty-free connectivity standard to increase compatibility among smart home products, with security as a fundamental design tenet.”

Multiple brands and corporate giants are taking an active part in this project, and the big names include Google, Amazon, Apple, and Zigbee Alliance. Now, what is this Zigbee Alliance? It is an association of big brands including legrand, IKEA, Samsung smart things, Signify (formerly Philips lighting), Resideo. NXP Semiconductors, Somfy, Wulian, and Schneider Electric.

You must be thinking about why there are so many collaborations for a single project! Well, the answer is simple. The main goal is to compile a list of smart home products that are technically compatible with each other. If the experiment goes successfully, they can retrieve a central setup with a preferred control system to meet all desires. Can you imagine the level of convenience you could get if such a system comes into existence? E.g., you can control the devices like Google home product and Alexa with Alexa only.

Let’s sneak over the big news!

Recent news created a global buzz stating that the IT giants Google, Amazon, and Apple are getting along with the Zigbee Alliance to generate a unified open-source smart home standard system on track has speculations to release by 2021.

Zigbee Alliance participants include a significant number of 145 active companies to take part in the race. They aim at adopting a royalty-free standard connectivity system that can make your new-age home products more compatible and tech-friendly. A fundamental design tenet is also under their consideration for this purpose.

As per the sources, project CHIP would give common access to devices you regularly use like electrical, access control (door locks, garage doors), HVAC controls (thermostats, AC units), TVs, Bridges, safety sensors, detectors, and security systems. All in all, it is one step that can ease out the efforts of device manufacturers to create some amazing smart home hardware.

Vision behind an open-source smart home system

With these future devices, you can receive support through all big voice assistants, including Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. This can make it simpler to configure various smart home devices with a central system.

The excitement for this project is evident with the latest statement of Zigbee Alliance that says, “We are thrilled that four new global strategic companies – ASSA ABLOY, Resideo, STMicroelectronics and Tuya – have joined the Zigbee Alliance’s Board of Directors and are actively contributing to and promoting the Project.”

The ultimate goal of Project CHIP is to simplify the product technology for manufacturers and also enhance consumer compatibility. With a standard Internet Protocol (IP), they aim to maintain a central communication to all sorts of smart home devices, cloud services, and the mobile apps that work on IP–based technology for standard device certification.


The industry working group will take an open-source approach to develop and implement a new, unified connectivity protocol. Expert product engineers, cross-functional teams, and marketing managers from all across the world are satiating their intelligence and experience to this concept. They are trying to deliver this standardized system to its consumers without any delays. New-age smart home devices are about to interact with each other smartly.

Get ready to witness the modern open-source smart home standard system that can tentatively hit the global market by 2021. Await the tech- giant’s masterstroke!