Now you experiences Safari 14 with macOS Catalina and Mojave

Safari 14

Safari 14 features MacOs Big Sur, and it also brings along a revamped design and new features including privacy reports, 4K HDR video support, and in the built translator. Though the macOS Big Sur isn’t available yet, Apple has recently released the Safari 14 as a standalone update with some of the fascinating features for both macOS Catalina and Mojave users.

Users with running macOS Catalina or macOS Mojave can update now to Safari 14 and take advantage of some of the changes that will be made available later this year with MacOs Big Sur. One of the most significant changes that await mac users with Safari 14 is the renewed start screen, including website suggestions and custom wallpapers.

It also known that Apple has integrated several privacy controls with Safari 14 so users can now quickly check every tracker on each portal they tend to navigate and also get detailed privacy reports. You can also be assured to get some security improvements. Furthermore, officially the player support has discontinued. Thus features including a built-in translator and 4K HDR video support require macOS.

How can you get the Safari 14?

The best part about Safari 14 is that it improves the browser’s tabs and also adds a new privacy report feature. Above all, you get the new customization options for your start page. You can download Safari 14 by heading to the system preferences app and clicking on Software update.

One of the critical improvements includes better tab management as it can be concluded that tabs have been completely redesigned. Now the tabs are more space-efficient, and you can also get the display website favicons by default and show a preview of each tab while hovering the mouse over the tabs.

Also, you can customize the new start page with your links and backgrounds. This version tends to remove support for Adobe Flash. Recently there were many releases under the Apple operating system updates, including IOS 14 for iPhones, tvOS 14 for the Apple TV, iPadOS 14 for iPads, and watchOS 7 for Apple Watches.  You have to wait for a while until you can grab the new browser currently.

All you need to about the Safari 14 release

For almost all inbuilt apps, Apple has introduced improvements with the new iteration of Ios, and IOS 14 is not surprising. Apple has added some new useful features for Safari, including inbuilt translation and privacy report that provides a rundown on almost all trackers that Safari blocks.

Some must-know features of Safari 14 are:

Speed and performance improvements

As per Apple Safari in Ios 14 includes a blazingly fast Javascript engine that helps Safari work faster up to 2 times as compared to Chrome on Android.

Built-in translation

The best part about Safari 14 is that it features an inbuilt translation option that can be used to translate the websites to English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian, or Portuguese that goes along with the new app that Apple had added in the update.

Password monitoring and compromised password alerts

Safari 14 is able to monitor saved passwords, so you have to keep track of passwords that have been involved in a data breach. Safari uses cryptographic techniques to enable this feature and for regularly checking derivations against several breached passwords. Furthermore, Apple promises both a secure and private way.

Safari will let you know if the breach is discovered, and it will also provide prompts for upgrading to sign in with the apple. It will also automatically generate a new password, if possible. Under the security recommendations, you see potential problems by heading in the passwords section of the settings app.

Privacy report

Ideally, Safari in IOS integrates a privacy report feature that expands on Apple’s intelligent tracking prevention functionality. For the past few years, Apple has striving hard to prevent cross track, a component that is mainly used by sites to track internet usage as a user browses different places for the ad, analytics, targeting, and more.

Intelligent tracking prevention ensures the apple blocks cross-site trackers, and under Safari 14, Apple lists the sites that tend to use trackers, how many trackers have been installed and the most prevalent trackers. 

Many websites have trackers if they use an ad for monetization or an ad network for the same purpose. By tapping on the icon, you can get to the privacy report section. Firstly you need to enable cross-site prevention tracking for privacy reports to work. If it not turned on privacy report will prompt you to help.

Picture in picture

If you are watching a video on Safari 14 mode, you can enable the picture in the picture button to watch it in windowed mode. Thus the video continues to play while you can browse on other windows or do something else.

More clear sign in with Apple

Apple has made new tools for developers to allow them to translate the current web accounts to sign in with Apple, which will create new options, hopefully, available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. It allows users to convert the existing logins to Sign in with Apple, which is safer as compared to the old version.

Tracking permission

Apps will now require permission if they want to track you across websites and apps. Under the settings, you need to allow tracking or ask the app not to follow. And the feature also goes hand in hand with privacy report to prevent apps from monitoring your app usage.

Microphone and camera usage indicators on IOS

This is an additional improvement. IOS offers you a little notification if an app is using your phone’s microphone or camera. If the app uses either one, the user will be notified through IOS, and the user can see it on the top right corner of the screen when the camera is in use. Thus the IOS control center will tell you which app is using what.

Thus iOS 14 is way different than the chrome browser, and it will help you to activate links.