Home automation Best add on for the Advanced lifestyle


    Home automation offers you access to control devices in your from a mobile device from anywhere in the world. The term is mainly used for isolated devices, including thermostats and sprinkler systems, but home automation primarily defines everything from lights, electrical outlets, appliances, etc. These systems tend to hooked to a remotely controllable network.

    It also includes an alarm system and all doors, locks, windows, and detectors and any other sensors linked to it. Recently, automated central control of building-wide systems found only inexpensive homes. It mainly involves lighting, heating, etc. It rarely provides more than essential control or scheduling functions and was accessible only from some control points.

    Home automation is here to stay

    If you are looking to get started with home automation, then you might have a question about how you can plan to automate and what all things you can automate. Once you have the answer to your what, then indeed you can wade through the crowded milieu of home automation of products, including gadgets and gizmos. All you need to do is focus on how you to won’t achieve what you want to do.

    Home automation covers everything from simple lighting to complex full home security indoor and outdoor, featuring motion-activated videos, including smartphone alerts. You can start from anywhere based on your priorities, likes, and budget. The sky is the limit for both price and possibility for home automation.

    Some steps to execute these steps and further research into DIY home automation

    • Setup schedule to turn on and off lights:

    It is the first step for DIY home automation, where you need to install a smart lighting system, which is as easy as installing a screw lightbulb. Some light provides many advantages, including setting your lights to turn on and off on timers, for instance, 5 minutes before you come home or sense motion when you walk into a dark room or under any circumstances.

     There are wide varieties of products available, like simple motion sensor lights or wifi lightbulbs that you can control through your smartphone.

    • For energy efficiency, program your thermostat:

    You should know that thermostat counts for at least half of your energy bill. It is the only reason why a money-saving thermostat is one of the most essential home automation steps.

     It is not only easy to install, but it also saves you through scheduling. Additionally, you can adjust your home’s temperature, and it is fully adjustable and controllable from your smartphone.

    • Automate all your electric devices:

    The smart plug is a vital home automation step, as it is easy to install a device that allows you to control your location. You can handle everything from your electronics, appliances to gadgets. It will enable you to schedule your on and off through your smartphone.

    • Install smart locks on your doors:

    You probably wished you had a magic band to open your doors if too many grocery bags weigh you down on the way, or your kids have forgotten their keys. Smart locks have gained a lot of prominence of late as they are easy to install. Additionally, these smart locks do way more than just locking and unlocking the door.

    Above all, you can also set phone alerts for a general activity or tampering with the door.

    • For better safety, you can switch to smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:

    Home automation has made it easy to take care of your family.  Though smoke and carbon monoxide detectors don’t match with the contemporary interiors but you don’t need to stress at all as smart sensors have got your back.

    These smart detectors tend to connect to your home’s wifi and then send alerts to your smartphone when it detects smoke or low batteries.

    • Automate your landscaping with a programmable irrigation system:

    You can simplify your life with a programmable irrigation system. When you install a smart watering system, then you don’t need to keep track of watering new sod or just planted landscaping. All you need to do choose trusted solutions to save the day with smart watering across several zones. Lastly, you can also get access to your smartphone and automatic adaption to weather.

    You can assured to save at least 50% off your water use outdoors with automated systems.

    • The smart vacuum that helps in scheduling the house cleaning:

    This step is favorites for the majority of the people as some people hate vacuuming, and others too busy with life to have some time free to clean their house. But in any case, you don’t need to worry if you buy an automated robot vacuum.

    The automated robot is easy to use and install. The best part about this robot is that it is wifi enabled so you can connect it through your smartphone. You can clean and schedule spots and more with the automated robot no matter where you are.

    • For peace of mind, automate your garage door:

    When you automate your garage door, then you don’t have to ask yourself again did I close the garage door. All you need to do is update the clunky technology to a smart garage door opener as it lets you double-check your door’s status. If the need arises, the intelligent automation remotely closes the door.

    • Install a wifi doorbell for enhanced security:

    Install a smart doorbell if you are concerned with security. Ideally, the smart doorbells connect to your wifi and smartphone. It allows you to see and speak to your visitors no matter where you are. Additionally, it also detects motion and alerts you when someone is on the door irrespective of the fact they ring the doorbell or no.

    • Connect and control your home through a single device:

    You can use a single voice control device to control all parts of your entertainment.

    Thus various new products are expected to launched in the market for smart home automation. These products make our daily lives comfortable and easy.