Today In History September 29

Today In History September 29

History is more than the living record of nations, leaders, and wars. It’s also the story of us. It includes story of how someone stood up or died for love for what she felt, or worked hard to realise her dreams. It is enriching to know, like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, or Martin Luther King. All of these topics are ideas we may refer to.

Moreover, history is very fascinating. Everything you like about your favourite films, TV shows, and romantic novels is really yours when you research history. Explore today’s opportunities and enter a whole new world to transform who you are.

Let’s discuss a few major Historical events in Today’s History.

1791: George Vancouver formally claims south-western Australia for Great Britain.

George Vancouver first explored the region of Western Australia, where Albany now stands, in 1791. Vancouver first landed at Cape Laeuwin, then headed southeast to explore the south coastline of Australia. He found an excellent harbour on 28th September 1791, later shortened to King George’s sound or King George sound as it is now, by the title ‘King George the third’s sound’. On 29th September 1791 Vancouver, which was situated at Possession point, officially declared that this country was British territory.

British occupation in Western Australia of the King George’s sound, began in 1826. At the time, every country denied the western third of Australia, and there was concern that France would make its argument. Governor Darling of New South Wales sent Major Edmund Lockyer to settle the King George Sound, along with troops and 23 convicts, in order to avoid this. On Christmas Day in the year 1826, they arrived at brig ‘Amity.’ Initially, Lockyer appointed Fredericktown as his second son of King George III, Duke of York and Albany. Lockyer Appointed Frederickstown as his Royal Highness.


1913: Inventor Rudolf Diesel vanishes

On this day, 1913, Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the Diesel Engine, mysteriously vanished from his streamer while travelling to London from Belgium. His dead body was later seen floating in the sea. The Diesel Engine was more efficient than the steam and gasoline-powered engines. The versatile Diesel Engine gradually achieved popular acceptance and commercial success. Ironically, the engine that was once seen as “climate friendly” is today being disincentived for causing pollution.