EA play games to be included in Xbox game on November 10

Xbox game

Recently Microsoft had announced that Xbox game passes. Ultimate subscribers would be able to access EA play free of charge. The company shared more details about the rollout. It is said that on November 10, the console players would able to activate the complimentary EA play subscription.

Additionally, besides the Xbox game, Microsoft is most likely to launch the Xbox series X and Xbox series S on November 10.  You should know that EA play includes back catalog games from EA, including Fifa 20, Battlefield V, Madden NFL 20, Dead space games, etc. 

The XBOX game passes ultimate subscription features access to Microsoft’s library of games. Microsoft’s Cloud gaming service x cloud, an Xbox live gold subscription, and soon EA plays the game. All you need to do is pay $14.99 per month. You won’t be able to play the EA game if you don’t subscribe to the Xbox game pass.

All you need to know about Xbox play game

Xbox game pass ultimate is Xbox’s secret weapon that is heading into the new generation of gaming. This is known as the Netflix for games as the subscription lets the members download and play any game that a part of the service across different devices. With the launch of Xbox series x and S, it cannot be easy trying to evaluate on how exactly the Xbox Game Pass works.

What are the different Xbox game pass subscription options?

Technically, there are different versions of the Xbox Game Pass versions available. Firstly, there is an Xbox game pass for the console which offers access to the subscription on various platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox series S, and X that comes with a different catalog of games available on PC.

You should consider the Xbox game pass ultimate if you want both of these added to some other bonuses. 

On what platforms is the Xbox game pass available?

Xbox game for console allows you to download and play games on Xbox One and later on Xbox S and X. The Xbox game pass for PC enables Windows 10 users to access a lot of fun. You should know that some are exclusive to PC like Crusader Kings 3.

Lastly, there is some good news for Android users as the Xbox game app has incorporated Microsoft’s project X cloud subscription service. It allows the Xbox game to pass ultimate users to play at least 100 rounds through the Cloud. Above all, you should know that these titles are pulled from Game Pass for Console PC and Minecraft Dungeons.

One of the biggest things that you need to consider here is that you don’t need an Xbox console to use the Xbox game pass as you can use both PC and android.

How much do you need to pay for the Xbox game pass subscription price?

Currently, the Xbox game passes ultimate costs around $14.99 a month. Though it is a little expensive but it is worth it as it surrounds all versions of the Xbox game pass and EA play, which will be included in the subscription in late 2020. If you are new to Xbox, then you don’t need to worry at all, as Microsoft offers the first month for a promotional rate of $1. 

If you just want a Game pass for a particular platform, then all you need to pay is $9.99 as a game pass for console and PC each.

What games will introduced in October under the Xbox game?

All the games that we can expect Microsoft has confirmed this October. Some of the highlights include Bethesda’s critically acclaimed Doom Eternal from earlier this year and Double Fine’s cult classic game Brutal Legend.

When will EA play integrated into the Xbox Game pass ultimate?

In Mid –September, Microsoft confirmed that EA play would get integrated into Xbox Game Pass ultimate sometime in 2020. The company clarified on September 29 that  EA play would included on November 10. On the same day, Microsoft will launch Xbox Series X and S.

From November 10, many worthwhile games will included in the Xbox game. Some of the games that will be included are Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Madden, Dead Space, and Titanfall franchises. One thing that isn’t clear yet is that whether there would be any limitations implied on the lineup Xbox game pass. 

Can you cancel the Xbox game pass ultimate?

Canceling is an option if you find that the Xbox game pass ultimate isn’t for you. If you want to cancel the subscription, then all you need to do is visit the Microsoft’s account service pages. After you click on the Manage subscription link under Xbox game Pass ultimate, then you can click on the option to cancel it.

Do you need to the controller to play Xcloud games?

The Cloud supports the majority of the Xbox games, so you would need some type of controller to play games. If you don’t have an extra controller, then Microsoft is starting to offer other options. Firstly, they are partnering with third-party companies to provide accessories. Additionally, Microsoft is also beginning to test touch controllers for Cloud games.

Key Takeaway:

In December, you will be able to download Xbox games pass on windows. You will have to create an EA account, unfortunately, and download the EA client and link your Xbox and EA accounts. You will have access to EA play if you are already paying for EA play. Additionally, your EA subscription will canceled, and your remaining time will be converted to the Xbox game pass ultimate.  Furthermore, Microsoft is using this opportunity to confirm that a few Bethesda games will be integrated with the service. For example, Doom eternal is coming on October 1. Thus with this move, a massive amount of gamers will attracted to go for the Xbox game pass ultimate.