Microsoft surface pro x and its stunning features make it more appealing now

Surface Pro X

Just last year, Microsoft Surface Pro X was announced by the company as its first Arm powered PC, but recently the company introduced a few updates that are surely going to make the svelter laptop more appealing. Well, October is here, so it is that time of the year again where Microsoft is all set to make some big announcements. 

Though Surface Duo might have been in the talks for the past few days but never mind the surface pro X is the show stealer for now. In particular pro X has features a new processor and some additional color options that has won people’s heart far and wide.

What are the significant updates on Surface Pro X?

Today, Microsoft is most likely to update $1499 ARM-based Surface Pro X. The significant additions feature an updated SQ2 processor and a classic platinum color option found on Microsoft’s other surface devices. The updated processor should enhance performance across all apps. Above all, Microsoft claims to offer up to 15 hours of battery life.

The main integral change here is the SQ2 processor. Once again, Microsoft has worked with Qualcomm to customize it for the Pro X. It is, critically, a variant of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8CX GEN 2 5G, without the 5G support

 feature, Microsoft is also using the same 13-inch display from the previous year’s model. The memory feature includes 16 GB RAM and up to 512 GB storage. There are also two USB C ports, the surface connect port, removable SSD storage, and a nano-SIM port for Gigabit LTE.

What else has changed?

Though little has changed on the refreshed model of Surface Pro X a new platinum color variant indicates there are new signature keyboards too. Additionally, Microsoft will ship silver, blue and red colors with the similar inbuilt storage for the slim surface pen that has appeared on the original black version just the previous year. Don’t worry; you will be able to pick the black variant too.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to make any big claims on how the all-new SQ2 processor will enhance performance inside the Surface Pro X. the original Surface Pro X hit few app comparability issues. Still, just earlier this week, Microsoft revealed that it’s working on x 64 app-emulation support on ARM for windows. 

The new app support will allow the Surface Pro X to run all the windows app irrespective of whether they are 32 or 64 bit native ARM. It is said that Microsoft will start testing this emulation support in November. 

What does the sleek profile have to say?

The sleek profile can most likely explain why there isn’t a 5G version available. Surface Pro X will work correctly on 4G and support gigabit LTE networks for connectivity. Above all, it is still going to offer decent speeds even if Microsoft plans to rollout 5 G version for the device two years down the line.

One of the significant surface issues Pro X isn’t connectivity but the app compatibility. Besides buggy software, you cannot even expect to download all apps on this device. We hope the new processor solves all these issues. 

Just last month, Microsoft has announced a new app assure program to tackle this challenge and has also assigned its own engineers to work with developers to get their apps running on Windows Snapdragon. Though we aren’t sure how successful the program is likely to turn out, it is an excellent start. 

What has Microsoft announced recently with regards to Surface Pro X?
Yesterday, the company announced that it is most likely to expand emulator support to include 64-bit x64 apps. The updated Surface Pro X features some less apparent tweaks. The eye contact feature from the previous year is graduating from its experimental status, and now it will help you look like you are actually looking at your acquaintance on your video call.

Additionally, the company has also spent a lot of time in its announcements video showing off the surface Pen, which also features a little slot in the Signature Keyboard cover like it did before. It is expected that the new processor is most likely to cost more than before.

What hasn’t changed under the new Surface Pro X?

  • Surface Pro X stunning display:

The all-new Surface Pro X devices with a gorgeous display featuring Pro X’s 13-inch, 2880 x 1920-pixel touch screen. As the screen is quite reflective so it’s good that you can crank the brightness up to 417 units. At that brightness, you shouldn’t have any problems viewing the panel outside under these conditions.

  • Audio:

The front-firing audio jacks flatter the Surface Pro display a great sound.

  • Touchpad and Keypad:

The Surface Pro X’s keyboard is similar to Surface Pro 7’s signature keyboard when compared side by side. It has identical click keys with reduced travel. The weighty keys are large and spaced entirely.

The Surface Pro X’s touchpad is taller but not wide as compared to Surface Pro 7’s touchpad. The glass surface features a smooth and soft finish.

Key takeaway: Microsoft has made some specific optimization with regards to Edge and visual studio code to enhance the battery life and performance on ARM chipsets. Also, it states it will continuously work with developers for a better understanding of the platform. Though this will take time but hopefully, x86 and x64 will get good enough that users feel satisfied.

Microsoft is introducing the platinum color On the design front for the SQ2 models that better matches the rest of the Surface lineup. The company is also introducing three new colors along with platinum so that the tablet’s design is something different from drab black.