Apple watch SE surprisingly an incredible wearable

Apple Watch SE

First of all, the Apple Watch SE was a surprise as it was quite rumored to be coming in late September that suggests that it was of far less importance than headlining Apple Watch 6. Though the watch doesn’t have any real standout features but the watch seems to be indeed a smart buy.

Just like the new iPad Air 2020 was compared to the hefty priced iPad Pro similarly, the Watch SE is loaded with similar features of Apple Watch 6, but you can avail them at pocket-friendly prices. The watch tends to shed some critical features like the always on the display of the latest Apple Watch models is the biggest miss.

Besides, counting the missing features, Apple Watch SE is the best part of Apple’s new good best strategy for its smartwatches. So with Apple watch, SE offers you a large display, fall detection, emergency call, optional LTE.

Some features of the Apple Watch SE are

Starting price: $279 (GPS), $329 (LTE+GPS)
Size: 40, 44mm
Display: 324 x 394 (40mm), 368 x 448 (44mm)
Heart rate sensor: Yes
Blood Oxygen sensor: No
Compass: Yes
Storage: 32GB
Water resistance: 50m

Some must-know features of the all-new Apple Watch SE:

  • Price and availability-

If you want a 40mm watch, then apple Watch SE starts for $279, and in a case 44mm, the watch price is $309. The 40 mm version starts at $329 if you want an LTE version, and the 44 mm version is for $359. The best part about Apple watches SE is that you have to shell out only $50 for LTE while if you choose for Apple Watch 6, you have to shell out $100, and you might end up the burning hole in your pocket.

  • Design-

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Apple Watch SE is physically identical to both Series 5 and Series 6. If you are an Apple watch fan, then this is your best bet, as it’s a statement that you buy into.

Unlike the series 3 uses the older, boxier shape featuring a tiny display, the Apple Watch SE comes with a shape that was introduced with series 4. Above all, it is a better-looking device in every aspect, and for the looks alone, it’s worth to pay extra for watch SE than apple series 3.

The larger screen is most likely to enable more complications to watch faces, and more information on the screen displayed. But when it comes to choices, you need to know that you might get far fewer choices as you only get aluminum choice, including gold, silver, and space grey. 

  • Processor:

The all-new Apple watch SE uses processor S5, which previously engineered for series five, so you can assured that the whole thing is quick and snappy. It is two times faster as compared to series 3.

 Though you don’t get an all-time display with this model, you can be cheerful about the fact that you get 32 Gb device storage available for music and media from 16 GB in previous models.

  • Health and Fitness features:

Though we agree to a great point that Apple watches SE varies from series 5 and 6, but the watch proves to be a great fitness watch. It lacks some features like  ECG or SpO2 sensor. But it is an amazing watch for starters as it offers three activity rings, including calories, exercise minutes, and standing time.

Additionally, there is an in-built GPS that locks your watch automatically once you start exercising. The workout app also tends to get updated with every update of WatchOS. It tracks almost everything from running and cycling disciplines, tennis, swimming, and yoga as well as functional training.

In its own right, it has become a powerful app which will now push data out to strava if required. Thus for running, nothing beats the Strava dedicated app from the Apple Watch app store. Of course, the heart rate monitor provides a lot of health data. Besides analyzing your workout, it also keeps a tab 24*7, which is an essential statistic to monitor.

How does the heart sensor work?

Well, that’s an interesting question to go about the sensor after analyzing your workout provides a high or low heart rate, which has proven to be a life savior. Besides the heart savior, the watch also features fall detection, under which the detector will call emergency services for you if you fall and don’t get up.

  • Sleep tracking;

As sleep tracking feature was introduced long back for Apple Wearables, so it is natural to see it here. The feature is most likely to offer you a summary of how long you slept and also show dark and light periods for any time you woke up in between.

 Hence the main focus is on consistency, time asleep, and time in bed. Consistency plays a crucial role in improving sleep.

  • Smartwatch features:

Though it is easy to get carried along with the smartphone features, you need to know the watch is a great wrist companion, and its versatility makes it the best smartwatch. One of the greatest strengths of this watch is that it can be as active and passive as you want it to be. Additionally, you also get Apple Pay on the wrist, and there are plenty of LTE options too for you to stream live music.

  • Battery life-

You can be assured of one thing that there is no real change in terms of battery life on the Apple watch SE. As it claims to offer a battery life of around 18 hours.

Should you buy the Apple Watch SE?

Well, the watch SE seems to be an impressive device after all, as the features we care about are here that make it an excellent way of saving money if you don’t need the advanced health metrics.