Wireless Unlimited Data Plans by AT&T (Cellular Data Plans)

Wireless Unlimited Data Plans

On 28 September 2020, AT&T announce unlimited wireless plans. You can choose the wireless unlimited data plan that suits each person in your family best, without everyone being on the same schedule.

‘At AT&T, we are always listening to  AT&T users and are dedicated to providing them the best wireless experience for their requirements,’ said David Christopher, executive vice president, and general manager, AT&T Mobility.

‘We recognize that individuals have different wireless data plan requirements and not all family members want the same rate of data plan. With the launch of Unlimited Your Way we are making it simple,now users can pick the best combination of AT&T unlimited wireless plans for each family member – all with access to fast, reliable, and secure nationwide AT&T 5G included without any extra charge.’


Modern Media Company with a goal that communications and entertainment will empower you, AT&T is committed to providing you with quality content, high-speed networks, and cost-effective telephones.

They plan to reinvent how their business works for customers, content makers, dealers, and marketers worldwide. AT&T remains, for a reason, America’s best network with the new phones, fast networks, its dedicated AT&T customer support team, and numerous plans.


AT&T offers several situations in which you might accept your family’s latest unlimited your way deal. AT&T’s Unlimited Your Way plan has three options in its Unlimited data plan:

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter data plan: At $35/mo. per line for four lines, the best price unlimited data plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, access to our 5G network, and spam and fraud blocking at no extra charge.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra data plan: This Extra plan gives you all the benefits of the Starter plan plus 15GB of hotspot data and 50GB of premium data, as well as advanced security which includes safe browsing and identity monitoring, starting at $40/month per line for 4 lines.
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite data plan: This best-unlimited data plan comes with everything Extra, but doubles the hotspot data from 15GB to 30GB, plus100GB of premium data. Plus, you can binge all the HBO Max content you like because HBO Max is also included in it, starting at $50/month per line for 4 lines.


The idea is that different people have different needs, so just because one family member just needs HBO Max, HD streaming, 100 “premium” gigs, and 30 gigs of mobile hotspot data per month. This doesn’t mean that all of them on the same account must be paying unused items.

The above advantage includes naturally, with unlimited extra and starter plan for the carriers beginning at $75 per month and $65 per month with lower or no premium and mobile data allocations, with no HBO Max access, the high-end AT&T unlimited Elite scheme costs $85 per month, for single lines of service.

This is much like the data plan launched two years ago by Verizon when the telecom world eventually began to implement and let families mingle it to best suit their household’s telecom requirements.

To get started with AT&T Unlimited data plan, head over to AT&T’s online store.