Microsoft to rebrand Bing to enhance visibility

Microsoft Bing

Recently the tech giant has decided to rebrand the prominent search engine, Bing, to Microsoft Bing and the users are most likely to see a shift in the product post-integration. Across the Microsoft family, the search experiences will integrated. The new brand and logo of Microsoft will be appearing on the homepage of the Bing too.

Of course, it makes sense as Microsoft is a tech giant which is a way bigger brand than Bing. Recently, it has known that besides Microsoft bling, the company has also renamed its Office 365 which offers Microsoft 365. In the past, the tech giant has renamed Windows defender to Microsoft Defender.

We have been working hard since launch to expand the breadth of the program. As per Jordi Ribas, CVP Microsoft Bing Engineering, the search engine is an extension of Microsoft rewards and by Microsoft rewards, we mean that the rewards let you earn points easily by searching on Microsoft Bling. Given the bling, you can also donate to the causes you care about.

What are the current strata?

Currently, Google known to dominate the market and in June itself Google had at least 85 percent market share while Bing had only 6 percent market share as per recent data. Also, Microsoft has updated the Outlook for Android App to add Bing search integration to the long-press menu. While some users have noticed seeing a new option to perform a Bing search when selecting text on the Microsoft outlook installed on their Android devices.

What does the new logo mean?

Though all of us by now know that Microsoft is rebranding Microsoft Bing as a part of the rebranding effort but there is more to it. Many people still addressing it as Bing but the shift has unveiled by the tech giant which cannot changed. One thing to know for sure is that Microsoft doesn’t go into detail about why the company’s name is added to the Bing brand.

All we know is that the company has reflected it as the continued integration of the company’s experiences across the Microsoft family. You need to know that rebranding means that Bing will now use its updated logo by Microsoft and on its search page Microsoft Bing logo will be seen.

Yet, it isn’t clear if Microsoft will retire the Bing logo completely in favor of the company’s centric logo or in the future use both the logos. In recent months, Microsoft has been experimenting with Bing logos with some that work appearing in the company’s search engine. In recent years, the search giant has been striving to add Microsoft to many of its products like the office 365 moving and Windows store changing to Microsoft store.

What has Microsoft done so far?

Besides rebranding, Microsoft has been slowly enhancing its separate Microsoft Search product that powers results across Windows, office, and a lot more. Additionally, Microsoft Search also appears inside Bing to offer organizations a type of intranet search for documents.

Why choose Microsoft Bing over Google?

  • Image search-

 One of the most well -known advantages of Bing is the image search as it offers sharper and higher quality images under the results page.  Additionally, Bing was also the first one to integrate the infinite scroll option to remove the need to painfully scroll through various pages of the results under the image section.

  • Free stuff-

While using Bing it gives a lot of free stuff including a loyalty card to your favorite café. It also uses a similar system under which it offers a similar reward scheme. Though it isn’t a technical reason to use bing but for sure there is nothing like a bit of bribery to grab people’s attention.

It also known as Microsoft rewards, as it works by rewarding you points every time you search for something.

  • Overall look-

This is one of the most common reasons why people choose to use Bing as it simply looks better. The best part about using Bing is that the search results look less cluttered and better. It might be a minor difference but it has a major user experience difference.

Who uses Microsoft Bing?

  • 1.5 billion Windows users choose Bing search-

No doubt, Microsoft is a tech giant and currently there are at least 1.5 billion devices powered by Windows and 900 million people use Windows 10. Above all, the number increasing everyday especially in the workplace, where the majority of the devices powered by Windows.

Now, Bing is owned by Microsoft and there is nothing surprising to know that all these Windows devices direct the majority of the traffic to their own search engine.

  • Bing integrated with other Microsoft products:

Microsoft is way more than just your hardware or operating system. Some of Microsoft’s best-used products include internet explorer, Microsoft office, and Xbox.

  • Voice search through Alexa powered by Bing:

There nothing surprising to know that Microsoft’s voice is used all over 100 million households and the number is expected to grow in the future.

What lies ahead?

There is no official announcement from Microsoft till date but what is known is that Microsoft has rebranded the search engine to improve its visibility to users.