Today In History October 6

Today In History October 6

History is a subject that possesses the potentialities of both a science and an art. It does the inquiry after truth, thus history is a science and is on a scientific basis. It is also based on the tale of the past; hence, it is an art or a piece of literature. The natural sciences and physics are impersonal, unbiased, and experimental. In reality, total impartiality in history is unlikely, because the historian is a narrator and from a certain point of view looks at the past. History cannot stay at the information stage alone. Social science and art are histories. In that lie, its flexibility, its variety, and excitement.

Let’s discuss a few major Historical events in Today’s History.

1890: Jacob Schweppe demonstrates his process for manufacturing the world’s first artificially carbonated mineral water.

Jacob Schweppe was born, Germany in the year 1740. Though Schweppe was a gemstone, he was interested in science and was led to try to infuse water with carbon dioxide through his experiments. He developed an effective method for the processing of mineral water in 1783. He gave the carbonated water for free initially, but he started charging for the privilege as it became more popular.

Schweppe then searched for a way to hold the water bubbles. This led to the development of a carbon-preservative bottle that could start the soft drink business in Schweppes. In 1789 in London, the Schweppes Company was formed. Schweppe demonstrated its method for the manufacture of carbonated water for the first time on 6th October 1790.


1926: Babe Ruth sets a World Series record

In a 10-5 win in the game 4 over the Cardinals in Sportsman’s Park, the first player in three home runs in Yankee’s outfielder Babe Ruth. History will repeat itself when the ‘Sultan of Swat’ once again goes deep three times against the Redbirds in St. Louis in the fourth game of the 1928 Fall Classic.