Intel launches the world’s best processor for light laptops

11th gen rocket

Recently on 2nd September, Intel hosted a launch event for the range of new processors. It subtitled as the next generation of CPUs. Also, Intel announced at its launch the arrival of 11th gen rocket “Tiger Lake” microarchitecture and CPU stack at the event. Furthermore, Intel has also debuted Intel Evo, which is an extension of Project Athena.

On architecture day 2020, the tiger lake already previewed by Intel, with highlights being the use of the SuperFin node featuring the 10nm process of the previous 10th generation laptop CPU. On the same day, the introduction of intel’s integrated Iris Xe graphics announced. Furthermore, the new process enhances upon 10mn process further, and the company has claimed that it will increase the clock speed by a significant margin promising a better world result.

Users need to know that both these advancements were known to beneficial for thin and light laptops as all the compound products aimed squarely at efficiency and portability. Additionally, Intel Claims that Xe boasts twice the performance over the previous generation in gaming applications and outperforming the similarly positioned competition directly talking about AMD Ryzen 4800U and Nvidia’s MX350. Also, it includes 8k display support for external display devices.

What does the launch include?

The company has announced CPU’s that are an entire range of laptop parts catering to both entry and top-end users. The best part is that all the CPUs have a maximum TDP of 28W. Hence it clear that these aren’t aimed to paired up with high-end mobile GPU’s including Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series, which is a high-end gaming machine.

Thus the GPU introduced to form a part of CPU’s U series. Intel also Debuted Evo to reinforce the fact that GPU’s meant for thin and light laptops.

Introducing Intel Evo:

Besides introducing the 11th gen rocket, Intel continues to rule the PC ecosystem with the launch of Intel Evo, which is driving innovation across the platform to deliver the exceptional computing experiences. The New Intel Evo platform brand claims to offer the best laptops designed to help you focus and get things done irrespective of where you.

This project is mainly a part of Athena, which is an innovation project by Intel that certifies laptop designs that meet some or almost all specifications demanded by the company. It typically meant to measure the laptop quality for these as Intel known to claim better performances with the update.

Things Intel Evo promises are:

  • Consistent responsiveness on battery life.
  • The system wakes up from sleep within a matter of seconds.
  • At least nine or more hours of real-world battery life on systems with FHD displays.
  • Additionally, Fast charging with up to four-hour charge in just 30 minutes on systems featuring FHD displays.

Intel has also announced that at least 150 designs expected from their partners like HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell besides other sides. Twenty such models expected in this year from their partners as well. Additionally, all Intel Evo designs guaranteed to meet the benchmarks specified by Intel. Also, Intel has debuted a typeface brand for its brand name, as seen on the CPU labels. 

What should you know before buying the 11th gen rocket?

Intel, Tiger Lake just announced, which is the first of its 11 e Gen core processors, which includes several reasons like the use of powerful new integrated graphic capabilities from Intel XE. It also features improvements in performance and runtime. Thanks to modern architecture, the battery life has also improved. They will made available to people later this year, which now represents a significant share in the market.

This year in-person launch events won’t be possible, and obviously, we have to wait more before trying our hands on the stunning hardware to measure the performance. Thus, we have plenty of information to deal with Intel’s engineering level.

For over five years now, Intel has grappled with its 10mn manufacturing process and has also announced a delay in the next-gen 7mn process. Thus the company has continued to refine its older 14mn product lines to enhance performance. The kind of balance between the frequency gains we have seen amid different things will surely make the users comfortable.

What does the 11th gen rocket mean for the laptops as we advance?

The new launches take Intel to take ‘s lead in the laptop CPU space further to a better position than it was ever. Their lackluster integrated graphic performance problems have resolved with Xe. Evo has set new standards for laptop designs, additionally to what Ultrabook had done a decade ago. We will see more reliable and robust laptop designs. Hopefully, that claims to make laptops more versatile and powerful.

Furthermore, the lack of announcements of new laptop tiger Lake CPUs in this event is a little disheartening as their ruling market position becomes less overwhelming.

Key Takeaway:

In the first quarter of 2021, Intel has confirmed its 11th gen Rocket Lake desktop processors. For desktops and computers of tomorrow, AMD is about to unveil its first CPU based on its Next-gen zen three architecture. Intel’s confirmation has its own fresh chips on the way, and there are several options available beyond the flashy hardware.

When it comes to the actual release date, Intel’s views are all set to arrive in March 2021 as per Intel’s news in Vague. Also, the new Rocket Lake S is said to compatible with the current 400 series, which helpful for users looking to upgrade when the chips are about to launch.

Thus above all, WCctech claims that Intel will supporting a few of the architecture improvements from its previously launched processors, which offer more upgrades. The processor will also include USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4 support.