Today In History October 8

Today In History October 8

History is a cyclic poem written by Time upon the memories of man.”- Shelley, English Poet.

History is the study of the past; specifically the people, societies, events, and problems of the past as well as our attempts to understand them. It is a pursuit common to all human societies.

History can take the form of a tremendous story, a rolling narrative filled with ideal personalities and tales of turmoil and triumph. Each generation adds its chapters to history while reinterpreting and finding new things in those chapters already written.

Let’s discover what happened on October 08 in World History:

1871: The Great Chicago Fire begins.

The grand fire of Chicago, which started on Sunday night of October 08, 1871, was destructive. There is plenty of rumor that it began when a cow kicked on a lamp in a barn, but the ‘Chicago Republican’ journal reporter eventually admitted that it was made up. It is still unclear how the fire started.

The summer was mild, dry. The buildings of Chicago were mostly wood, which easily spread the tinder to the flames. The fire department was slow to respond due to a variety of misunderstandings. This quickly led to an outbreak of fire, destroying shops, hotels, churches, commercial, and industrial buildings. The fire department could no longer tackle blaze when the city’s waterworks were destroyed. When the fire jumped into the river and went on the north side, martial law was proclaimed.

When the winds came down and light rain moved one day later, the fire finally burned. It was six kilometers in length and one kilometer in width throughout the city. 17,500 buildings and 120 kilometers of roads were destroyed and 90,000 homeless were abandoned by flames. The estimated loss was 222 million dollars. The mortality figure was never precisely determined: 125 bodies were found, but 75 to 175 were missing.

1967: Che Guevara captured by Bolivian army

In a skirmish with a specific faction of the Bolivian Army, a Bolivian rebel army commanded by Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara has been defeated. The next day, Guevara was shot, arrested, and executed.

Guevara, born in Argentina, thought that an actor could revolutionize a person. In the Cuban Revolution a people. In the Cuban Revolution of 1956-59, he played a key role in convincing Fidel Castro to follow the socialist, anti-American agenda.

In 1965 he disappeared from Cuba after holding a variety of positions in the administration of Castro. He secretly traveled to the Congo, where he trained insurgents, and in 1966 resurfaced in Bolivia as leader of another guerrilla group.

Guevara has been idolized since his death as a hero of the leftist movement in the third world.