Amazon’s Fire tablets now get new smart home controls

Amazon's Fire tablets

Recently, Amazon announced that it would add a new menu to selected Amazon’s Fire tablets to control Alexa compatible smart home gadgets. Today, the Device dashboard is rolling out, and it can be accessed through a new home smart home button. On the left, you can find the navigation bar.

Though through spoken commands Alexa compatible devices can controlled already. Amazon recently announced that the new interface is most likely to be meant for when touch is more convenient than voice. It also includes some fun possibilities like mounting a cheap Amazon Fire tablet on the wall to use it as a smart home controller. 

Currently, the Amazon’s Fire tablets range also features hands-free Alexa, and it is usable even if the tablet is in sleep mode. Thus it can act as battery-powered, and mobile assistant for spaces where Amazon Echo isn’t available. But sometimes, it takes longer to ask Alexa to adjust the heating temperature as compared to tapping on the screen. Often, it is inappropriate to use your voice to turn off a light as it could disturb someone who is sleeping.

What do Amazon’s fire tablet features include?

In the fires, there is a smart home control integrated that offers easy access to your gadgets so you can turn them on and off. Additionally, you can also just the brightness and temperature. But with the new tablet update that is rolling out today, your compatible fire tablet will get a new shortcut for Smart home on the left side of the navigation bar.

Above all, you can access the button from any screen also from the lock screen. Under the previous versions, it was only available in the shortcuts menu when you swiped down from the screen’s top. Additionally, the dashboard also includes shortcuts to turn off the switches, lights and plugs. It is useful to almost all types of people.

On which models the update will allowed?

  • 7thFire (9th gen)
  • Fire HD 8 (8th gen, 10th gen)
  • Fire HD 10 (9th gen)

Besides these tablets, you can be assured that the future Fire tablets will also get the Smart home control feature. Though we are not guaranteed which models Amazon plans to launch soon. Amazon’s suite of smart home appliances is ever-growing. Two significant new devices by Amazon on the horizon include Amazon Luna gaming service and Amazon Halo fitness tracker.

Thus, it makes sense that the company might launch new appliances and gadgets, so the previous models need to be updated. Hence you need to ensure that smart harmonization as possible.

How can you update your fire tablet?

Amazon’s Fire tablets are most likely to be updated automatically when they are not in use or even when they don’t have enough power. Above all, you don’t have to do anything. Thus you can force updates to download and install by opening the settings app. All you need to do is tap on device options > system updates.

Lastly, you need to tap the check now button, if it depicted. If a new version has rolled out, you need to update it if it hasn’t been downloaded or installed yet. For example, if your device hasn’t used for months now, then you need to repeat the process a few times.

What all you need to know ahead?

It is said that Amazon is making it simple to control smart home devices from its Fire tablets with the all-new Device Dashboard. It pulls it together all of the connected cameras, lights and other appliances in a better seamless interface. The latest update comprises of all Alexa-linked smart home devices into a single page instead of sending you looking for individual apps or controlling several things by voice.

When you install the app and update it, then you will see the new smart home button in the top left of your navigation bar. Irrespective of what you do on your tablet, it assumed that the navigation bar seen even when the screen locked.

By tapping on the navigation bar, the Device dashboard aims to provide the crucial controls instead of replicating everything an individual device app could do. For example, when you toggle switches across the top, you can quickly turn all their lights off or on and also manage all the smart plugs.

Important updates:

Meanwhile, underneath the Amazon’s Fire tablets will be tiles for individual gadgets. The Device dashboard is most likely to show those that have used recently and allow the individual tiles to pinned in space for regular access. For an instant, you would be able to check the thermostat temperatures and adjust them and load various camera views.

Wrap up:

Lastly, it is not the first time we have seen such kind of interface. Alexa-powered Amazon smart displays include the third-generation Echo Show 10 including an elegant home interface. For the same matter, Google’s Nest Display plays a crucial role. Indeed the use mainly depends upon on how close you are to the smart display while a fire tablet is something you can take around wherever you go.

Hence, you don’t have to shut your current app to entry the Device dashboard. Even from the lock display screen, you may enter the controls so that you don’t have to bounce by way of a plethora of hoops to manage your devices. The device dashboard from Amazon is all about contacting and harking back to the latest adjustments from Google to its Smart display UI that places extra emphasis on contact slightly as compared to voice.

The best part about Amazon’s fire tablets is that they are moveable that makes it present’s replace a reasonably massive deal, especially if you have a lot of Alexa enabled devices.