First impressions of the all-new MOTOROLA RAZR


Undoubtedly the phone has got a plethora of improvements, but the cost is high yet. We guess eleven months have made a lot of difference to MOTOROLA RAZR. That’s how it really took Motorola to revamp the original RAZR. In the meantime, the company has also integrated 5G technology besides virtually, improving every element of the phone.

Indeed, every aspect of the phone’s 2019 version needed a change, and we can see some here too. Though the 2020 Razr is just perfect a whopping $1399 is way too much. It is incredibly costly as compared to any other non -folding phone featuring similar elements. Irrespective of the price element, when it comes to buying a new phone, it mainly depends how much you are willing to have a cool and of course, nostalgia-inducing a flip phone integrating a folding screen.

No doubt, the all-new RAZR is one of the coolest phones you can own. Above all, the phone seems to have passed the minimum bar of quality and usability, and users are just going to love using the phone. But before you get more curious about buying the new phone, you need to know some details about the phone.

Some unique specifications of MOTOROLA RAZR.:

Display (Primary) 6.20-inch

processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G

Front Camera20-megapixel

Rear Camera48-megapixel


Storage 256GB

Battery Capacity 2800mAh

OSAndroid 10

Resolution 2142×876 pixel

Stunning design featuring aluminium and Gorilla Glass 5 body:

Motorola has undoubtedly done a great job by maintaining the luxurious look and feel of the Razar with regards to the iteration, which is place typically right down to the curved edges and jutting chin at the bottom. It is a pretty smart thing when closed. It feels thinner when opened up all you need to know that it is the same thickness as a general iPhone, but the overall design features the Razor ethos.

Furthermore, thanks to some subtle changes that the plastic screen feels great too. It is mainly because it makes it sturdier. No doubt there are some weird bumps in between, but none of the folding phones has yet figured out the ways to avoid it. Overall the colour and clarity look middling too. When it comes to the flip, Motorola has also added to the springiness.

You can indeed flip it out with one hand after some practice though. It’s great fun once you figure out how to do so. Unlike the Samsung Z flip, the Razr doesn’t hold itself at an angle, but Z doesn’t that satisfying as a physical device. The device is your best bet if you are looking for a phone that can fit in even a shirt pocket, or easily slip into a small handbag, while still offering a full-size smartphone experience.

A quick view display that grabs all the attention:

When it comes to display, we need to talk about two displays. Hence we begin with the core screen that users will use the majority of the time that is the 6.2-inch foldable main display. It is known as POLED as it features plastic OLED, a design that comprises of the plastic base layer rather than glass. Lastly, we don’t see much difference in the display as compared to the previous 2019 model. Even though it is a typical smartphone but it is little narrower featuring with an HD Plus resolution (2142 x 876).

The display works pretty well when you unfold it. Mostly, it feels like a regular phone screen. At the top of the screen, there is a cut out that houses the speaker and the selfie camera. Then on the front screen, you can see some notifications and also use some of the phone’s features without unfolding.

Motorola terms it as the quick view display, and it is undoubtedly appropriate to term it as it is mainly designed for quick tasks including checking your notifications or selecting songs that you plan to play.

A new 48 Megapixel camera that steals the show:

There are two cameras in the all-new MOTOROLA RAZR. One like the typical ones with the rear and one at the top of the screen. When it’s closed the camera on the top is a 48 MP shooter which is ideally a big setup from the 16MP shooter on the first-gen RAZR foldable. It can be used to click selfies even the phone is folded thanks to its clamshell folding format.

The Quickview format allows user to view and take selfies when the phone is folded shut. You can also use the volume button to click the photo. When the phone is closed the 48MP camera can be used to connect the selfies, and it also acts as the primary camera when the phone is shut, so the main thing we are discussing here is the camera.

When the phone is open, and if you want to make video calls or take selfies, then it would be great if you used the primary phone camera that is 20MP. You will find it at the top of the screen, and it works perfectly for almost all tasks. The primary camera is completely capable of taking good quality shots, but it doesn’t include a plethora of features.

Battery life:

No doubt the MOTOROLA RAZR 2020’s battery life is way better than the previous version. The battery is 2,800mAh, and we still expect some improvements here. It is mainly because Motorola has assumed that the majority of the people will be using the external display, which is less of a drain on the battery as compared to what it did earlier.

Should you buy all MOTOROLA RAZR?

You should surely buy an all-new foldable phone if you are quite excited to use the foldable phone. One of the biggest reasons for buying the phone is that you get a unique look.