The Moment brings in exceptional iPhone 12 cases and mounts


The MomentMoment has recently launched its range of products to work with Mag Safe. Ideally, Mag Safe is the latest magnetic accessory system that built into Apple’s 2020 iPhones. The line includes iPhone 12 cases and mounts, which will allow you to attach a plethora of things to your iPhone 12 or your iPhone 12 to various things.

The company has announced an expansive lineup of iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories like the new cases, tripod mounts, cold shoe mounts, wall mounts, and car mounts. Soon the apple iPhone 12 owners would be able to choose from an array of MagSafe compatible camera accessories. The prominent accessory manufacturer is putting its wide range of MagSafe ready gear up for preorder. It said that the accessory manufacturer has mainly focused on protection, photography, and content creation.

Furthermore, the all-new accessory lineup from MagSafe has already proved to one of the fascinating announcements to emerge from the all-new iPhone 12 series unveiling. Additionally, it is not the first time Apple introduced MagSafe with iPhone 12’s debut. All it did was revitalizing the interest. The technology ideally being utilized for more than wired charging as MagSafe is now offering a way to easily attach a case to wireless charging without stressing about placement, and a lot more.

Moment’s announcements you need to know about

Currently, Moment’s MagSafe accessory catalog features a plethora of iPhone 12 mounts and easily-attachable cases of different colors and patterns. The company had also recently announced that its mounts use a proprietary custom-tuned magnet, which features the most vital connection in the best possible way. 

When it comes to iPhone 12 cases and mounts, the company also claims that it offers protection from drops of over six feet. It also has the ability to swap cases easily, convenient photography, and wrist strap attachment. Additionally, it also comes with an included attachable adapter that accepts Moment’s M-series lenses.

There are a plethora of colors available, from Black, Olive Green, Indigo, Mustard Yellow, to even a textured dual-tone Walnut Wood.

Some of the must-know latest Moment’sMoment’s iPhone 12 cases and mounts

  • Cases at $49.99-

Moment features new versions of both its thin and rugged cases that also feature MagSafe-compatible magnets and work with Qi wireless charging. The cases also feature wrist strap loops and MomentMoment add on camera lenses.

  • Tripod mounts, $39.99 and $49.99-

These tripod mounts from MomentMoment are most likely to force magnets so you can easily attach your phone without needing a unique clamp and even if it’s in a case. They work in either mode in portrait or landscape modes. The Pro Tripod mounts integrate an additional cold shoe for integrating other accessories, including lights or microphones.

  • Multi-threaded mount, $29.99-

It is similar to a cheese plate style mount featuring two 3/8-inch female threads and three 1/4”-20 female threads for integrating ball heads, tripods, or anything else compatible. The best part about this mount is that it works both with and without a case.

  • Cold shoe mount, $29.99-

It is quite a simple mount that can easily attached to a cold shoe of your iPhone. For the different cases and phone sizes, the arm is entirely adjustable.

  • Car vent mount, $29.99-

The car vent mount is most likely attach to their vents in your car as it can magnetically attach your device without a clamp or grip.

  • Wall mount, $19.99-

This type of mount looks quite similar to the car vent mount except for the press-fit attachment. It has 3M adhesive on the back. The MomentMoment also claims that it has super thin, and it will stick to almost anything flat. There is also a hole in the middle so that it can attached to walls with a screw.

Moment’s MagSafe iPhone 12 cases and mounts pricing and availability:

It is an actual fact that MagSafe doesn’t open up to a plethora of possibilities but except accessories that incorporate the technology to be priced higher than usual. All the cases from Moment priced at $49.99. Currently, the preorders going, but customers shouldn’t expect any of these products any time soon this year as the orders are expected to start shipping around March 2021.

Irrespective of the fact when these products start to ship, their launch also highlights that the accessories are as versatile as the technology. Furthermore, we also expect that as time goes by, more and more third party manufacturers will find innovative ways to develop MagSafe products.

Some of the other MagSafe cases you must know about

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe-

There is no doubt that Apple has a plethora of MagSafe cases that are available in a plethora of colors. Apple’s clean design aesthetic ideally shines in the cases. The best part about these cases is that the soft-touch silicone case just feels nice as compared to other cases. The microfiber also helps in keeping the fiber interior safe from errant grit that is most likely to find its space in the case.

Otterbox Aneu series:

If you are searching for something, it is both simple and classy; then, the Otterbox Aneu series your best bet. The case features some grip for better handholds. And it also has a raised edge of the case that helps in protecting the screen.

Key takeaway:

The moment is most likely to feature two cases. Which will support MagSafe and fit iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The company will roll out a thin case and a more protective case. 

The thin case known to feature a superb soft-touch finish and made from a bio-plastic that is better for the environment. Moment protective case is an ideal option for you if you want something more protective. It features a dual material design.