Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds available now at $30 off

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds

Samsung’s iconic bean-shaped Samsung Galaxy buds live are on sale now a whole $30 off. It also makes truly wireless headphones more impressive as the same product is also available at a much lower price. The best part about Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds is engineered to bring sound to your life. Mixed with AKG’s sound expertise with Samsung’s legacy of hardware innovation, galaxy buds live to tend to offer a tremendous immersive audio experience.

The galaxy buds live feature a 12 mm speaker and a bass duct, while the deep and rich audio sounds allow you to enjoy the music the way the artist intends. The buds known to feature three microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit; your earbuds home in on your voice. It also ensures you always come through loud and clear on the phone.

Lovingly, these buds are also known as beans for the design, and as of now, they priced at $30off at Amazon and best buy.  You should know that this is within $5 off of their best price yet if you are planning to take the plunge on these. You can avail almost all colors with both the retailers, including black, bronze, red, and white. Lastly, you should know these are Samsung’s best wireless buds yet as they feature bold design, lengthy battery life, and good sound quality.

Some of the features of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds are:

NameSamsung Galaxy Buds Live SM-R180
Weight5.6 g
Speaker12mm driver, tuned by AKG
Microphones3, 2 internal, 1 Always On external Microphone
SensorsTouch, Accelerometer, Hall sensor, proximity sensor
Battery life4.5 hrs talk time
5.5 hrs playback with ANC
7.5 hrs playback without ANC and AOM20 with playback with a case with ANC and AOM
28 hrs playback  with the case without ANC and AOM
Extrarubber outer shells (3 sizes) for a better fit.
ChargingUSB-C, Qi wireless,  35 min of playback for 3 minutes charging
ColorsMystic Black, Mystic White, Mystic Bronze

The best part is you can now avail of these earbuds at just $139, which is ideally 20% cheaper than the regular price. 

All you need to know about Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds:

Design and comfort:

For months now, it has said around the internet that the Galaxy buds live truly look-alike as a pair of beans. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish or sleek. All it means that the buds have a unique curve to them that allows them to fit into your ears easily. The best part is that the design is going to complement the flush of your ears, unlike the AirPods.

Besides the previous Samsung earbuds, all new Buds live to tend to stand out from the Airpods and Airpods pro.

Active noise cancellation:

One of the most popular things that have been gaining ample space in the earbuds space is the active noise cancellation feature. The feature is most likely to use input from the microphone in the earbuds to generate a soundwave, which is ideally opposite to what you hear. It also has the effect of minimizing the ambient noise much more effectively than other passive solutions.

Additionally, the galaxy buds live is explicitly designed to filter out ambient noises, including AC’s and fans, but it fails to filter out crucial audio speech like TV or radio.

Bixby voice wakeup:

A plethora of wireless earbuds have an action to let your phone activate built-in personal assistant, but with Galaxy, buds live you are surely going to experience something unique. Rather than using the phone’s assistant every now and then, the Samsung galaxy buds live to feature limited Bixby right into the buds, which makes it stand out in the market.

You don’t even have to move your hands as you can easily set up a shortcut to activate it or even enable voice wake-up. Thus once it is enabled, you can adjust the volume, check the weather, and make a call. But you need to know that you can avail the Bixby wakeup feature if you have paired the buds with a Bixby-enabled Samsung phone, and the language is set to English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, etc.

Seamless earbud connection:

Thanks to the fantastic revamp that Samsung has found a solution for the Galaxy bud’s live. You can easily switch which device the Galaxy buds live is connected to If you have multiple devices signed into the same Samsung account.

Call quality:

When you invest in the Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds, you can be assured of one thing that the call quality is going to work correctly. It is mainly because the galaxy buds use three microphones along with the Voice Pickup Unit. Additionally, it uses the accelerometer to sense the movement of the user’s jaw to convert that kinetic energy into voice signals through bone conduction.

On the other end of the call, you could heard better, even in noisy environments.

Audio quality:

The audio quality of the Samsung galaxy buds is unparalleled as the tech giant has implemented a plethora of features for keeping the buds live connected and in sync with Samsung 5. All of these features are based on Bluetooth 5.

The Scalable Codec automatically encodes the audio information with a higher compression ratio when the wireless connection is weak. In general, the audio quality is fantastic.

Battery life:

The galaxy buds can last almost six hours of continuous playback on a single charge. You can say that the battery life is just above average.

Should you avail of this deal?

Yes, the Galaxy buds live Samsung’s first truly wireless buds, and you should surely buy them if they are available at $130.