Amazon garage delivery expands in significant cities

Amazon garage delivery

Currently, Amazon claimed to offer tens of millions of Amazon Prime member access to Amazon Garage Delivery service in at least 4,000 cities across the U.S. In simple terms, the service allows eligible Prime members to enjoy contactless package delivery safely inside their garage. Additionally, it offers convenient delivery confirmation for the clients mainly by using their app.

Ideally, the eligible Prime members with a myQ smart garage door opener can get access to the packages safely inside their garage. All the customers need to do is link their myq app with Key. Then they need to simply select “Free In-Garage Delivery” at checkout on Lastly, all the packages delivered securely by a delivery service professional. The best part is customers can easily use the Key by Amazon app or the Amazon mobile shopping app. The clients are notified when their package delivered.

Besides the Amazon garage delivery, Amazon is also planning to launch Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery. The app will be first launched in five cities. The new service mainly allows eligible Prime members to order groceries from Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh, and the same delivered securely into their garage. The company claims to make this service available in some selected areas, including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Later on, the service will expanded to other cities in the U.SU.S.

All you need to know about the Amazon garage delivery:

For extra folks, Amazon is making its in-garage supply an ideal option. The company is said to introduced at present, and it plans to incorporate its Key by Amazon In-Storage Supply service to more than 4,000 cities within the U.S. It is mainly done to successful amid the hundreds of thousands of Prime members.

The service is said to coming in major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Washington, DC, besides hundreds of encircling areas. Possibly, you can analyze and see if your zip code is eligible right here.

If the users want to access this facility, then they need to have a myQ-compatible storage door opener from Chamberlain or LiftMaster. Additionally, users must have a sensible residence digicam from Ring or LiftMaster to view their deliveries taking place in actual time. All they need to do is hyperlink their storage app to Key. Post that; they can begin receiving in-garage supply as a part of your Prime membership

How did it all begin?

Ideally, this service was first launched back in 2019. The service said to sweeten Prime subscribers’ deal after they buy a membership. Additionally, the company continues to seek out methods to encourage folks to pay for Prime. Irrespective of the fact, they will be providing entry to Prime Video or providing reductions at Entire Meals.

The more provider it offers, the more it could most likely dominate online buying. They could preserve folks locked globally. Initially, the In-garage delivery might look challenging as the tool is most likely to require both cheaper and less complicated service. The process is also said to not offering any driver access to the living space’s interior.

Just like other vital offerings, the in garage delivery service also needs some special equipment. The company said to partnered with Chamberlain Group. The partner said to a manufacturer of garage doors under the brands Liftmaster, Raynor, and Craftsman. The Key displayed to using MyQ technology. Additionally, “MyQ” is Chamberlain’s term for its WiFi-enabled garage door openers.

How does the new service work?

Ideally, Amazon’s Key is a safe way to receive packages from Amazon when you are not home. The service is only available for Prime members, and if you are a prime member, you can easily access it by selecting “In-Garage Delivery” at checkout. You are most likely to receive some notifications after Amazon has processed your order.

Some of the notifications are:

  • When the delivery driver should arrive seen amid the four-hour window.
  • They will request permission to open the door when the driver has arrived. All you need to do is use myQ®, which connects to the WiFi; you will be able to open and close the door of your garage from wherever you are.
  • After the delivery is complete, Amazon awaits your confirmation that the door is safe.


Amazon garage delivery is said to efficient for anyone with a Prime membership. All you need to do is download the myQ app. Some of the tips to follow are:

  • You need to download the Key app and sign in to the app using your Amazon log-in credentials.
  • Then you need to click on the “Let’s Get Started” screen and then select “Set up a Residence.”
  • Lastly, you should ensure that you follow instructions on the screen. These instructions are most likely going to motivate you to link to your account.

Wrap up:

It is quite evident that you must be thinking if the Amazon garage delivery is safe or not. The primary purpose of Key by Amazon is to provide safe and effective delivery of the client’s products. Ideally, your garage tends to be a temporary locker room for your packages. Rather than wondering if your items will be safe when you reach home, you need to think that they will be safe from weather damage and theft.

Above all, you can assured that upon employment, all drivers have to complete a background check and also submit their motor vehicle records. The company also confirms the driver has the correct package before they grant access to the garage.

Additionally, you can relaxed that the drivers will never have access to your codes or any keys. During the process, you can gain a notification.