Waze rolls out the split view dashboard in the car play

source: fortune.com

Waze is coming to Apple CarPlay’s new multiscreen dashboard. It is most likely to come as welcome news to fans of the Google-owned navigation app. Who have been waiting for at least a year now for it to work with the much-improved, upgraded version of CarPlay. The beta testing feature, which is ideally a tipster, is sent us this image of Waze operating in CarPlay’s new Split View function.

Tech giant Apple rolled out the new dashboard as part of the previous year’s iOS 13 software update. But it was restricted to only work with Apple Maps at that time. Initially, CarPlay required bouncing between different screens to see a track name while getting directions to a destination. You can see a map with a split view, which shows what’s currently playing on the car’s stereo—furthermore, the next piece of guidance to your destination all in a single location.

Eventually, Apple released iOS 13.4 earlier this year, which added third-party companies’ option to add support for the dashboard mode on their mapping apps. Until August 2020, it took Google to implement support for Google Maps. Furthermore, we feel that Waze is most likely to follow in the footsteps. Thus, we can say that one of the most popular navigation apps out there is Waze.

What does the official spokesperson from Waze say?

Recently, the official spokesperson from Waze didn’t confirm the beta testing. Hence we cannot indeed say when the navigation company plans to announce the rollout officially. In an email, the spokesperson said We don’t have anything to share right now. 

The navigation company has at least 140 million monthly active users who drive more than 24 billion miles every month. Back in 2008, the company found in Israel and in 2013 acquired by Google. The beta testing supports lane guidance in Waze for iOS as per the tipster. The fantastic feature also suggests what lane you should be in when you’re entering or exiting a freeway, for example. It is quite helpful when navigating complicated intersections or highway mergers.

The official also described the accessibility to Waze in CarPlay’s new split-screen dashboard as both “really smooth” and a “game-changer.” Just like several other companies, the navigation company has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to which a plethora of roads across the globe have been emptied. And several cities are still under lockdown.

Thanks to the new customary norms like work from. Very few people today tend to use Waze for their daily navigation needs. The advertising revenue is also minimum for the company as there are fewer eyeballs on the app. Furthermore, just recently, the CEO of Waze announced that he would stepping down in early 2021 as they have laid off many people due to the pandemic.

What else do you need to know?

One thing is for sure that Waze’s popularity cannot ignored. Additionally, it is entirely worth it to adopt Split View support in CarPlay mainly because a plethora of iOS users out there will likely benefit from its adoption.

By integrating Split’s view in the CarPlay Dashboard, users can see a variety of different options at a glance. For instance, users can now see an overview of their map, and navigation. And next piece of guidance if they are navigating to a location. The new feature also makes it possible to see a calendar entry, active phone call, or playing media with playback controls.

Benefits of using Waze:

For years now, the majority of the users have been using Google Maps to look for directions or ETAs. No doubt, Google Maps is still the king of maps, but at least 50 million Waze users, it’s Waze or nothing. The best thing about the navigation app is it features a community user-base. It is mainly because the app is continuously collecting information; it can adapt quickly to ensure the fastest route possible. Additionally, users can also level up” and get different characters based on their interaction with the game-like app.

Waze also allows users to connect to Facebook (FB) and Google Calendar. So they can easily find the addresses of various events and even create some directions. If you are a beginner, you can also use the app to find community-recommended restaurants along the route. And you can navigate to the station with the lowest gas prices.

Some fantastic features of Waze

  • Crowdsourcing:

In almost all parts of the world, the reach of Waze has expanded thoroughly. Additionally, the features of the map have also improved drastically so that it can accommodate other modes of transportation. Some of the new features of the map include Waze carpool, which allows you to communicate with fellow Wazers using the app.

GPS navigation:

Waze can keep up with your real-time location when GPS is enabled. By this, we mean that the buttons on the screen can adjust to your current location and provide real-time visual instructions. You will get some warnings about roadblocks, road closures, and speed cameras through voice navigation.

User interface:

The navigation app features a clean and playful interface with a pure white background and colorful icons. It is quite simple to understand. The user also has the option to change the colors and symbols that pop-up on the map.

App integration

The app is said to integrated with social connectivity functions and artificial intelligence, which makes it more dynamic and creative. It also features Spotify, which gives you an option to play your favorite music the way you usually would right through the Waze interface.

Key takeaway:

Ideally, the app is perfect for Millenials as these generations are used to getting exactly what they want when they want it, preferably through the Internet. Above all, the app is quite useful for the driver.