FCC says Galaxy Buds Pro is Samsung’s next wireless earbuds

Galaxy Buds Pro
Source: theverge.com

The company speculates that the Galaxy Buds Pro will be here in 2021. It is nothing surprising to know that Samsung was going to make the switch from “Plus” to “Pro.” Even if there was a “Live” in-between as the company files necessary regulatory paperwork with the FCC for its next set of truly wireless earbuds, no doubt there were some rumors that these would be called the Galaxy Buds Pro. And now it’s right there in documentation directly from Samsung itself.

Usually, the FCC filing comes with the confidentiality protocols in place, so it doesn’t reveal too much more about the Buds Pro. But an image of the regulatory label offers a preview of the charging case’s shape. It seems the Buds Pro is most likely to be in a case. That more closely resembles the case from the Galaxy Buds Live than the Galaxy Buds Plus.

The Buds pro is most likely to include active noise cancellation.  And presumably, it will be a much more effective version than what’s found in the open-ear Galaxy Buds Live. As per SamMobile, the overall design will be similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus and Samsung’s new “Pro” earbuds. These buds are likely to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 in 2021.

What does the FCC listing confirm?

The US FCC listing reveals Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have a square-like case design, just like the Galaxy Buds Live. The design is most likely similar to the Galaxy Buds and Buds+. You can expect improvements in the audio quality and improved Ambient mode. Galaxy Buds Pro also features a 472mAh battery, which is the same as the Galaxy Buds Live.

The recent spate of leaks and listings on different certification sites suggest the device will go official soon. As per the latest reports, wireless earbuds will debut alongside Galaxy S21 series in January. One thing is for sure, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will not have the bean-like design as one on the Buds Live. It may update that bean-like design as people have a mixed reaction with many pointing out difficulties with in-ear fit.

Galaxy Buds Pro will launch with the Galaxy S21 series:

In Indonesia, an authority confirms the name for Samsung’s next wireless earbuds. They are none other than Galaxy Buds Pro and will bear model number SM-R190. China’s China’s 3C regulator also certifies these earbuds. It is not yet clear how much will the Galaxy Buds Pro cost? You can expect the buds alongside the Galaxy S21 series as a pre-order incentive. It is mainly because Samsung is doing this for quite a sometime now.  

Additionally, the exact release date is not available. Furthermore, the colors on offer will be the same as last year: red, white, blue, and black. As per the latest rumors, January 14 is the day when Samsung will be revealing its next batch of gadgets.

 The sound quality and the background sound mode will improve when the headphones are transmitting sounds from the environment. These will be Samsung’s first in-ear active noise-canceling headphones. Moreover, based on the design features, the new Galaxy Buds will better isolate external sounds than the Galaxy Buds Live.

Difference between Galaxy buds live and Galaxy Buds Plus:

Samsung Galaxy Buds LiveSamsung Galaxy Buds Plus
ColorsMystic White, Mystic Black, Mystic CopperWhite, Black, Red, Blue, Cloud Blue
Battery lifeUp to 8 hours (29 with charging case11 hours (22 with charging case)
Size0.64 x 1 x 0.58 inches0.7 x 0.9 x 0.8 inches
Weight0.19 ounces (earbuds); 1.4 ounces (case)0.2 ounces (earbuds); 1.4 ounces (case)
Water resistanceIPX 2IPX 2
CompatibilityAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS

Design and comfort:

No doubt both Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus are attractive-looking earbuds. But Buds Live wins the style contest by a wide margin as the bean-shaped design is surprisingly sleek, and the earbuds look far less conspicuous. The charging cases that come with these buds are both pretty smart. With the Buds Live utilizing a curved-square case that’s a bit taller than the pill-shaped case the Buds Plus comes in.


Both the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus offer a variety of handy touch controls. But both have issues when it comes actually to use them. In terms of functionality, they are similar as such. Allowing you to pause music with a single tap, skip music with a double-tap and go back a track with a triple tap. We hope the Galaxy Buds Pro will resolve all the issues that users face with regards to sensitivity.

Audio quality:

Under this round, there is no contest as such. The Galaxy Buds Live offers far superior audio out of the two earbuds, delivering deep bass, crisp treble, and clear vocals. On the other hand, Buds Plus offers decent audio in their own right, but the music sounds much more distant and lowers on bass by comparison.

Battery life:

Here is the point where Galaxy Buds Plus beat the Buds Live. Above all, when it comes to battery life, they beat almost all wireless earbuds. The Buds Plus has a stellar battery life rating of 11 hours. The Buds Live are no slouch either, as they offer up to 8 hours of juice.

Active noise cancellation:

It is one of the best features of Galaxy Buds Live. The Buds Live offers a more subtle ANC effect that will drown out some low-frequency noises. The Buds Plus takes the opposite route, offering an ambient noise feature that lets in more of the outside world. It basically makes you aware.

Key Takeaway:

The all-new earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro, are on their way, and you can get your hands on them by 2021. These buds are successors to Galaxy Buds Plus.