Google Pixel 2 Series get’s its final update from Google

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL received their final Software update this December 2020 from Google. As reported by 9to5google, after Skipping the November month update the google comes with a new security patch along with previous patches for the Pixel 2 series.

Google Pixel 2 series, launched in 2017 into the market. They were among the popular smartphones at that time. The two devices earned a lot of popularity among users for their groundbreaking camera. The camera and computational photography of the device were many ways ahead of the competition.

In spite of camera and likable design, the Pixel 2 series has some Functionality issues, like Bluetooth wifi connectivity problems and random reboots. As a result many of such issues were addressed by software and android 11 updates.

After three years of updates recently google promised one last update for the Pixel 2 series that includes a final set of critical fixes.

For checking the updates, You can go to settings and click on advanced, after select system update on pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Some of the new features include extreme battery saver and contextual translation, and more.

Here are the main updates :

Asper Verizon Wireless, The new software update has been tested to help optimize device performance, resolve known issues, and apply the latest security patches.

Addressing system functionality issues:

The new update addresses and fixes problem of being stuck during rebooting the system.
It fixes the disablement of the call notification bar.
It solves the missing Auto-rotate Icon issue in some device orientations.
fixes the undetected swipe gesture in the launcher.

Improved security patch:

Security patches are used to address the vulnerabilities in the software and to improve the security of information. TO prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to our devices and data.

It will improve your device

System uptime: security patches will help you to ensure your software and applications to be upto date and run smoothly.
Feature Improvements: It is used for bug fixes, includes feature/functionality updates of the system.
Security: It improves and fixes vulnerability issues of your data from cyber-attacks.

The last build is the same for both the devices RP1A.201005.004.A1, and there is only one version for all carriers:

  • Pixel 2 XL: Android 11 — RP1A.201005.004.A1
  • Pixel 2: Android 11 — RP1A.201005.004.A1

Android 11 is the operating system that optimizes how you use your phone. It gives you powerful device controls in managing conversations, privacy settings, and much more.

You can communicate with people with simple and easy tools.

Bubbles: Important conversations straight from notifications. You can Interact and respond to messages doing other tasks.

Screen recorder: There is no need for additional apps you can directly record from your device mic.

Device control: Manage all your connected devices from one place. Access device control with just a long press of the power button.

Media Control: Moving your favorite music from your headphones to speakers, and even to your TV, has never been easy. Quickly and conveniently switch between devices your audio or video content is playing on.


Google launched its final update in December 2020 For the pixel 2- series. Users can look for the updates through their Phones by settings menu. It may take some time for all the google pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets to receive the update globally.