Measure your body fat with Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker

Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker

If you want to give someone the gift of a 3D model of their body fat, you’re in luck, just in time for the holidays. The tech giant is making its new Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker widely available. The $99.99 tracker does way more than tracking movement. It scans a wearer’s body to create a 3D scan of their body fat. And also monitors their voice throughout the day for tone.

The first six months with the device are free, but it then costs $3.99 per month to maintain its features. If you don’t opt into the subscription, the HHaloonly tracks sleep time, heart rate, and step tracking. The device comes in three colors silver, black, and pink, and features a fabric strap with no display. It pairs with iOS and Android devices over Bluetooth, although Amazon does list some devices that aren’t compatible.

Halo’s significant promise is it can provide a better representation of health over other wearables because of its body fat measurement. Some recent reports say the measurements might not be accurate, and the device needs a more in-depth study to prove its worth. There is nothing surprising to know that Amazon’s fitness product is here. It was expected as smartwatches have become a dominant force in fitness tracking on the high end. Bands are still a presence on the opposite side of the market but generally command a fraction of the cost.

What makes Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker different?

Its use of voice and the amount of data it collects and processes are neither honestly a surprise, coming from Amazon. Body fat scanning is an even more significant question mark. Amazon has actively pushed back on privacy concerns, highlighting, among other things, that the body scans exist only on the device used to capture them.

The device competes with the likes of the Apple Watch and devices from Fitbit. Amazon designs HHaloprovides a comprehensive view of users’ personal health and wellness. By incorporating features that measure body fat percentage, activity levels, sleep, and a tool. It tracks how users sound to others by listening to the tone of their voice.

The company says that the fitness tracker Halo is based on feedback from invite-only users. It’s also rolling out on-demand workouts from a range of popular fitness brands. Halo represents Amazon’s first foray into the fitness wearables market. It’s hardware business typically focuses on in-home devices, like its lineup of Echo smart speakers and Fire TV streaming video devices.

Wearables give the company another entry point to learn more about customers when they’re not engaging with Amazon’s website.

Specifications of Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker:

Price: $99

Battery life: 7 days (1-2 days with tone analysis)

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Weight: 0.83 ounces

Microphones: 2

Some of the features of the Halo Fitness Tracker:

Price and availability

Amazon Halo will cost $99. The product is only listed on Amazon US. There’s no word on when the Amazon Halo will see a full release. It is unlikely Amazon knows at this stage. At the moment, the Amazon Halo is only available in the US. But perhaps when it has a full release, it will roll out to more countries.


Unlike many fitness trackers, the Amazon Halo doesn’t have a screen – you’ll have to interact with it via a smartphone or tablet app. The halos are made of a fabric band, which you can buy in three sizes (small, medium, and large). And three colors (black, pink, or a silvery light blue). There’s also a sort-of ‘body’ for the HHalo, which houses the sensor that will be gathering all your health data from you. This also has the charging pin, so it will likely power up with a proprietary charger like most fitness bands.

All in all, Halo looks like a pretty sleek device. The Amazon Halo is water-resistant up to 50 meters, and it’s swim-proof – in fact, Amazon’s promotional materials for the band show someone swimming.

Fitness features:

The Amazon Halo has plenty of the fitness features you’d expect to find on a standard tracker. There are in-depth sleep tracking, sedentary time warnings, and activity tracking. There are some more unique features too. The HHalocan measures your body composition and body fat percentage, and with the app, it can even make a digital 3D model of you.

The tracker can also measure your voice to detect tone. With this, it can apparently track ‘energy and positivity,’ and the app can chastise you for sounding too negative. There are more than 100 of these right now, and it’s possible we will see more in the future.


To get access to most of the Amazon Halo’s cool features, you need to pay membership. This membership is free for six months when you buy the band, but then it will start to cost you. Amazon Halo membership costs $3.99 per month, which isn’t a considerable amount. But for people with many monthly subscriptions, it’s yet another for the pile. The Amazon Halo isn’t useless if you don’t pay for membership – without it, the band still tracks your steps, monitors your heart rate. And provides you with a basic level of sleep tracking, but not on par with what it’ll give you if you pay.

People who are trying to be healthy or just learn more about their fitness may find the membership super useful.

Battery life:

Amazon says the HHalocan lasts up to seven days on a single charge and up to two days with the mic on.

Should you buy the Amazon Halo?

Amazon Halo’s holistic approach to health tracking has its appeal. Its affordable entry point, discreet design, data accuracy, and thorough companion app make Halo one of the most surprising wearables. Hence you can consider buying it.