The latest OBS Update support for stripping out audio from VODs on Twitch

obs update

The latest (Open Broadcaster Software) OBS update has released, as per reports, it includes a bunch of modifications and fixes some issues. Thus, making your streaming process much easier.

It addresses the very important issue OBS facing, which is supporting the feature that Twitch debuted in Twitch Soundtrack. The ability to play music in a second track while streaming Twitch. 

So, the music can stripped out of your recorded broadcasting as well as from your video on demand (VOD). Because of using copyrighted music.

Twitch has engaged in this copyright battle with the music industry for a prolonged time because of streamers. Because, Most of the users use copyright music in their streaming and recordings that they don’t have rights to.

The issue rose to the surface in the last 12 months, Due to several copyright takedown requests from the music industry. These requests are based on copyright music present in the recorded streaming and VOD, that streamers are using. As a result of this new OBS update, it is going to rectify.

OBS Pointed out that twitch helped in developing this feature of stripping out the music from your streamings. Hopefully, it solves the Twitch struggle with the music trade.

Consequently, Streamers get used to stripping music out of their streamings as habitually. Then the issue of copyright gets solved by itself soon hence encouraging new streamers to join the platform.

What is OBS Open Broadcaster Software :

The open Broadcaster software platform is a free open source platform for video recording and streaming applications. Especially used for games and content creators to stream and shares their live videos.

It allows streamers to stream anything from their lifestyle to gaming experience. Normally, to educate and give tips and tricks for other users.

The video can be 60 seconds to eight hours long or it can be much longer too.

Some Of Its Key Features of OBS update Are:

  1. You can easily capture high-performance real-time audio or video and mix it. Allows you to create and capture multiple scenes ranging from web browser to webcam.
  2. Effortlessly switch between several scenes, with the help of custom transitions.
  3. Access and change multiple aspects of your audio such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain through the audio mixer and per source filter. 
  4. Create new sources, duplicate an existing one, and adjust their properties effectively.
  5. The streamlined panel gives you access to a wide array of configuration options with every aspect of recording and streaming.

OBS Helps In Professional Video Production:

1.You can choose a number of times and customize transitions to switch between your scenes and you can also add your video files.

2. You can set hotkeys for every action like staring /stooping your streamings and muting audio also.

3. The STUDIO mode lets you preview your sources before making them live for users.

4. With the help of multiview you can view 8 monitors simultaneously and cue or transition to any one of them effortlessly.

What is Twitch Studio:

It is an alternative for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Specially designed for newbies who don’t have much technical knowledge. By having new streamers in mind the Twitch offers an easy and effortless way of streaming.

Difference Between OBS and Twitch:

Using OBS and OBS update version effectively has some significant learning curve, Whereas for Twitch there is no need for technical knowledge. Twitch is a user-friendly easy interface and highly recommended for newbies.

OBS has a wast community to help you when you need technical support and installing plugins. Twitch has built-in alerts, feedbacks, and chat features.

 Which one is better depends on the user requirements and advanced features. Generally for experienced creators use OBS.


Here is exactly what you need to know about the latest OBS update support for stripping out audio from VODs on Twitch. It addresses and solves the main issue which copyright takedown requests faced by the Twitch streamers from the music industry.