Google Acquires Neverware and CloudReady


Google now owns the Neverware company, which is a new-york based company. A company that turns your old pcs into chrome books.

Recently, Neverware announced in its FAQs that it and its CloudReady are now officially part of the Google and Chrome OS team.

Neverware owns the software application CloudReady. CloudReady is an operating system based on Chrome OS. It offers a free version for personal use and Specially designed for schools and educational organizations to convert their old computer into Chrome books.

By using CloudReady, you can experience a chrome device environment on any device. Installing CloudReady makes your computer more secure and easy to manage. CloudReady turns your slow and fast aging hardware into a fast, secure chrome device.Around the world, thousands of schools and companies from 142 countries are now using CloudReady.

As of now, nothing is going to change. The company website, forum, and admin portal are going to continue as they are now. It is going to support and maintain its customers as usual.

In the Longterm ClodReady is going to become an official chrome OS offering. Though eventually, existing customers are going to migrate to Google’s services. 

According to Chromebooks, some of the Neverware software allows Google to push Chrome OS updates to Older devices.

Important Things that you need to know:

1.If you are using Home Edition for your children’s computers for remote learning, then don’t worry, there will be no changes for Home edition at this time.

2.Neverware admin portal continues to be available for site administrators as usual. Soon, you can be able to manage every aspect of your CloudReady devices via Google Admin Console.

3.There will be no changes in the support policies.

4.If you hold a multi-year license agreement, Google will maintain the license agreement as it is. There are no other changes in plans and prices at this time.

5.There are not going to be any price changes for annual or site licenses.

6.Neverware point of contact will remain the same.

7.There will be no changes in the device certification.

Does CloudReady Support The Google Play Store & Android Apps.

The CloudReady is now a part of Google, There is a high demand question among its users. That is whether the CloudReady can support the google play store and android apps.

Google has given the support for running android apps via play store on many Chromebooks. But due to some technical restrictions, the functionality is not available on CloudReady.

The android environment, among other important components, are private and not licensed for redistribution. Thus, creating legal and technical restrictions for anyone who wants to run android apps on chromium OS except Google.

Google allows Android apps on Chromebooks via integration of Play store which is their secure and managed app store for android. Integration with the Google play store requires automated tests and approval per-device basis managed by Google. But the CloudReady offers the freedom to install it on any hardware device you want. This Means Google-managed tests for the integration of the play store don’t apply for CloudReady in general.

This makes it impractical for running against a large no. of CloudReady installed devices. Right now, Neverware is mainly focusing on providing great features and options for CloudReady users. 

In conclusion, CloudReady never supported Android apps and Playstore, But right now, it’s an official branch in Google it may change down the line in the future. Hopefully.

Things to keep in mind when Deploying CloudReady:

While installing and after deployment of CloudReady, there are some things that you need to consider for ensuring your device security.

Whatever the deployment method you choose first you need to be aware of each model’s specific BIOS/UEFI settings, and how it will affect the installation process of CloudReady.

Apart from following the ClodReady install guide, for additional improvements, you should adjust the following.

1.Enable secure Boot 

2.Clear and Enable TPM

3.Restrict Bootable Media and BIOS/UEFI Access

How you get Upcoming Updates:

With Google owning Neverware and CloudReady there will many updates will be coming moving forward. So how do you get it whenever any new update comes.

Updates on CloudReady will work the same as Chromebooks. CloudReady will automatically install and updates it in the background whenever a new update comes. When it is done it will show an “upgrade arrow” along with a reboot suggestion for starting the system with the new version on restart.

Just reboot the system and you will be ready to go.


So, here is everything that you need to know about Google acquiring Neverware company and CloudReady. As of now, there won’t be any change in the policies and pricing. Existing customers will experience the services as usual. If any update, users will get notified.