EERO PRO 6 Comes With Great Coverage But It’s a Bit expensive

Eero Pro 6

EERO company made its mark in providing mesh networking. By broadcasting reliable WIFI connection throughout your home, it has solved millions of user’s wifi issues with it’s devices and with it’s latest Eero Pro 6.

It’s very hard for users to get good coverage for all-around home just by using a WIFI router and Booster. Eero solved the issue with simple maintenance yet providing an effective Wi-Fi signal even in the area that is never good for coverage.

This Monday, Amazon acquired Eero and, now it is looking forward to providing the same type of access to customers who are using gigabit internet speeds by using their top-tier Eero Pro 6. Eero Pro 6 has the capability of spreading the gigabit network throughout the house with a little maintenance.

Same as every device out there Eero pro 6 also some pros and cons.

Good Design and Better Coverage:

Compare to all other competitors The Eero Pro 6 has better aesthetics. Well designed for the mesh networks, it can boost your total coverage area up to 6000 sq. ft, with the 3pack. Suitable for homes with internet speeds upto gigabit per second.

Comes with a tri-band design that features a 5GHZ band for keeping network transmission separated from Eero devices to your other regular internet traffic.

Eero node has a white square with an angled top. To prevent people to keep food and drinks on the console. The stations have two ethernet jacks. One will be occupied by the cable coming from your modem. Eero Pro 6 has Type-C for power input.

It has one LED light on the front of the Eero. It glows in three colors, Blue, White, and Red. During setup, it indicates Blue, shows static white when everything working fine, and indicates red when there isn’t any internet connection.

It has a thread and Zigbee smart home radio support, so it can be used as a hub for other home devices. That can be again managed by Alexa. Alexa voice commands help you in doing things such as turn guest networking on and also support Amazon Wifi simple setup.

Setting the System up became much simpler with the Eero app. The app helps you a lot in simple instruction and hel[pful guidance. Plug-in the first node and follow the prompts. Within just 10 minutes, the whole system setup will be completed if you follow everything as shown in the app.

Overall we can say that Eero Pro 6 has a great design and coverage ability.

Eero Pro 6 has a very satisfiable Performance:

The Eero Pro 6 gives you a good performance in network speed delivering.

The Eero Pro 6 is rated as an AX4200 system in its networking speed. This means it can reach max data rates upto 574mbps on the 2.4GHZ band, 1,201Mbps on the 5GHZ band, 2,402Mbps on the secondary 5GHZ band.

The Eero Pro 6 did perform better than the WI-FI 5 version but not so great for its pricing. The speed for devices is much better than Wifi 5. Wi-Fi 6 gives you many advancements to wireless networking. Such as supporting many more devices with the top speed accurately reaching every device.

Delivers high-speed network throughout the network for every device. Improves battery for the devices that are connected to wifi 6. To take many other advantages you have to be using the latest devices with wi-fi 6.

The Eero Pro 6 ensure every corner of your home or small business can wirelessly connect to the network. The Router and Satellite have shown good signal strengths in the tests too.

Eero Pro 6 is a Bit Expensive:

With strong performance and its perfect design and also Considering the support of WIFI 6 makes it perfect for high-speed internet users. But a bit expensive. it’s $599 for three packs is a bit more expensive. Where in the market for the lower price you’ll pay for comparable systems Netgear Orbi AX6000 and the Asus ZenWiFi AX.

Along with that, it has a subscription service that comes with additional features. The subscription fees are $2.99 per month or $9.99 per month.


To summarise, If you’re paying for the high-speed internet and not getting satisfiable speed and coverage in your home. Then you should consider going for the Eero Pro 6 Which will give you great coverage with easy setup and great design.