Telegram’s latest update comes with Voice Chat feature.

Voice chat

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps out there. It is a high-security, superfast, and free app that you can use for messaging across all your devices at the same time. It has a user base of nearly 500 million, and recently it has introduced the newest feature called Voice chat for groups.

Telegram is coming up with new and latest updates for giving its users the best experience in messaging and communicating. It has taken communication to the next level, by allowing hundreds and thousands of people to enter groups.

With the latest feature “Group Voice chat” the users get a new experience as they can enter or leave any voice chat rooms as they want.

Here is what you need to know about the new Voice chat feature:

The new Voice Chat feature allows all the existing telegram groups to transform into a chat room. Members can join the chat rooms without leaving the text media-based communication.

The Voice Chat feature shows at the top of the group where you can join and see how many members have joined in the voice chat.

See who is talking:

You can also check whether your best friends are talking or just simply being idle. The Voice Chat shows a special bar for the people who are actively speaking at the moment. So, you can jump in when the right moment arrives.

While talking you can move around the app, browse chats, and send or receive messages from others. All this possible with the help of microphone controls displayed over the screen so you can mute yourself when someone else is speaking.

If you are using Android it gets much better. The system-wide floating widget allows you to see who is speaking and shows the microphone controls on the screen even when the app is in the background.

You can chat with whomever you want and you can also invite others to join the group. Same as the telegram group’s capability of handling thousands of participants, Voice chat also supports thousands of participants.

This makes it perfect for special occasions where a group of people is going shopping, on vacation, or just normally hanging together virtually.

Telegram has changed the groups’ dynamics before them completely, similarly, it is expecting changing how people interact and collaborate with each other with this new Voice Chat Feature.

Telegram soon be launching Public “Bug and Suggestion Platform”

Till now users can suggest and vote on just the existing entries. But moving forward telegram is planning to launch a public bug and suggestion platform. Where you can report bug issues and also be able to suggest new features.

And telegram said that it is going to make sure each and every submission gets the attention that it requires.

Telegrams also ensure that it is going to refine the Voice feature further based on user’s reviews and feedback. In the future, it is possible to introduce noise suppression and video and screen sharing options in the future.

Along with it, it comes with some small updates like

Sticker outlines:

With Today’s Update, the sticker that you use in the Telegram is going to load much faster than ever before and shows a shimmering light of what is coming. It is just a slight improvement which shows shimmering light in just a fraction of seconds.

The Telegram animated stickers are optimized for efficiency and deliver 180 frame animations. All with less than 50KB.

New animations over the app

There will be slight improvements in the animations, when you tap the new messaging button, profiles, and chat folders. With voice chat and new animations app gets the new look.

Improvements in Editing

Android users can quickly edit the picture that they receive or have sent with the help of Apps Media Editor. Coming to IOS you can directly tap the pen button for editing and adding effects.

Previously this feature was available only for one of the platforms. But right now both can access the feature.

More Animated Emoji’s

Every update brings new animated emojis to the system. Now also Telegram added some new emojis.

SD Card Storage on Android

Android users can now move their Telegram data to an SD card. It frees your internal storage. Media and files will be get stored in SD Card allowing a better app experience.


We have summarized everything that you want about Telegram’s latest update Voice chat and all other miscellaneous updates. Telegram is not only coming up with new updates for its users but also considering user’s suggestions. Especially considering the user’s suggestions, it is going to launch a public “Bug and Suggestion platform” very soon.