As Per Reports, Zoom is planning to launch it’s own email service

Zoom is launching it's own email service


Zoom is a very well-known video conferencing app all over the world. This year With the work from home culture, it has seen rapid growth in its user base. It is going to enhance the user experience with added services like its own email services.

As per “The Information” report the Zoom video conferencing app is going to enter new territories like providing Email Services and Calendar app.

Is Zoom Planning to compete with Google and Microsoft?

Based on the Information report Zoom is developing its own web-based email service. Also, it is going to launch an initial version next year 2021, as early as possible.

However, It is unclear about the email service as to how it is going to be different than other traditional email services. On the other hand, The Information tipsters also cautioned That Zoom may still decide to abandon the project. There is not much information about calendar app developments.

However, if Zoom successfully launches its own web-based email service. We can say that there is no doubt about Zoom, that it is going to compete with world tech giants Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Zoom Preparations for Future

Zoom has become one of the biggest success stories of this year. This year Zoom App has seen incredible growth in terms of its revenue and Customer base.

At the beginning of the year, the market capitalization value of Zoom was close to $19 billion. However, by November 2020 its value has been increased to $140 billion. Even though it faced some issues regarding security glitches and difficulties. Overall zoom has a Steady growth in the market.

For maintaining that growth in upcoming years, the company has several plans. One of them is including, Zoom launching its own email service and calendar app. Like Zoom has debuted onZoom feature specially designed for businesses and entrepreneurs for scheduling online events and hosting live events.

OnZoom features currently available at no charge for users, but moving forward zoom may apply fees for ticket sales. It is going to include the functionality of gifting tickets and an attendee dashboard for keeping tabs for upcoming events.

How Zoom Separates itself from its Competitors?

Zoom has seen rapid growth in videoconferencing recently, Despite tech giants like Google and Microsoft. They also made their contribution in video conferencing but couldn’t dominate Zoom.

Zoom has taken video conferencing to the next level by adding new features. The first feature is introducing end-to-end encryption for users. Both free users and paid users can host meetings of up to 200 people on an end-to-end encrypted video conferencing.

End-to-end encryption means no one has access to your video conference even Zoom and law enforcement too. Other video conferencing platforms like Google meets and Microsoft Teams have encryption features but not end-to-end encryption.

This feature is an optional one. The user or admin can enable it from the account, group, and user level. The host can turn it off or on as per his requirement and the level of sensitivity of the information that is being shared.

This end-to-end feature has ensured users their privacy and security. Because Zoom has faced issues due to security patches in the early stages of the pandemic, it promised users of this feature and delivered it at the right time.

Microsoft Teams does not have this feature, So Zoom has a standout in the market. In addition to this now it is going to enter into email services. By Zoom launching its own email services and calendar app.

Zoom has some similar features as competitors.

Immersive scenes allow you to change your background to a custom background theme and lets you change the meeting participants’ video layouts like classroom and courtroom.

Zapps is used for connecting other apps directly to your zoom. Adding to this it has Zoom rooms smart gallery AI to present all the participants and members to appear in the gallery view style. It enhances the user experience of face-to-face communication between in-office and remote participants.

Other than that it has introduced a voice command option and a simplified way of pairing your zoom with personal devices like desktop and mobile to enhance your meeting experience.

All these features along with Zoom launching its own email services and calendar app make it better than its competitors.


As per the Information Zoom is launching its own email service and calendar app for competing with Google and Microsoft. There is no doubt about Zoom’s incredible growth this year. hopefully, we will see the Zoom app in the future providing more services than video conferencing.