Echo Frames: Eyeglasses with Alexa and Some Privacy Concerns

Echo Frames


Every year Amazon introduces new and latest tech devices into the digital world. Recently Amazon launched its brand new Amazon Echo Frames. With its easy to use features and always-on Alexa, it is drawing a lot of attention from tech and gadget lovers.

Amazon Echo frames can replace your everyday eyeglasses. They come with a simple concept, they’re just a pair of eyes glass equipped with speakers and a microphone. Along with Alexa-on features for helping you in handling everyday tasks.

They come for $249.99 and the lens in the frames can be changed to your prescription lenses as per your optometrist. Like every device, it also comes with both pros and cons, It also has some things that you need to consider.

Here is what you need to know about the Amazon Echo frames.

Design and Setup:

Amazon Echo Frames look just like regular eyeglasses there is no much difference. The only extras are controlling buttons and charging connector you get right under your Eyeglasses right arm.

There are two buttons available, one of them is called action button. Its main function is to power the glasses On and Off. Along with that, it can be used for muting notifications and microphone. The other button is used for adjusting your volume.

There is also a touch sensor at the right stem of the glasses that can be used for detecting swipes. Means you can accept and reject calls, notification. It is also used for accessing your phone’s virtual assistant and controlling media playbacks.

However, The stems are too thick and suddenly get narrowed to fit behind your ears. Even though it doesn’t seem heavy it is very light that you can wear all day comfortably. They are the same as regular eyeglass weight. Overall they don’t look very techy type, but they look low cost.

LensCrafter helps in getting prescribed Lens:

The Echo Frames come with regular rectangular plastic. Plastic is too reflective and makes it difficult in attending Zoom calls. But users can replace them with the prescribed lenses. 

Overall we can say that it comes with a simple and technically effective design. The only problem is, it only comes in one size fit for all. The frame glasses are available in three different colors like all-black, A tortoiseshell, and a model that fades from black to blue.

Echo frames Software:

The Amazon Echo frames come with two modes in using them. As primary Bluetooth Headphones and as an Alexa Machine. They can be paired at a time to only one device.

They can be easily stepped up by using the Alexa app like every other Echo machine. Once connected then you can command Alexa and everything will be hands-free.

The Echo frames with Alexa, can help you in setting up reminders, answer questions, play music, control smart home devices, and answer phone calls.

Don’t worry about others hearing your notifications, and messages. The Echo Frames comes with an open-ear-audio. which directs sound to your ears directly.

You can use them for both android and iPhone.

Choose what matters:

One more impressive feature that Echo Frames have is the ability to select and unselect which notification matters to you. Whenever a new notification arrives you can swipe your finger alongside the right arm of the glasses. To inform the frames whether you want notifications from that particular app read aloud to you. Makes it easy to filter them and choose what matters most.

The ability to get notifications to wearables so that you don’t have to check your phone constantly. What differentiates this feature from smartwatches is that it makes it easy when you are cooking or engaged in some handy work.

Audio and Battery review:

The Echo Frames comes with open-ear audio. Makes it deliver high-quality audio directly to ears even with surrounding sounds. No matter what your volume level is, only you can hear it even though you are walking with others.

You can enjoy the music and still be able to listen to the sounds that are happening around you. Makes it perfect for the person who is continuously outside.

Coming to battery 

As Amazon promises you can get through a”14-Hour day” of mixed-use, But it may last long 7-8 hours even after full usage. So the battery capacity will mostly depend on how you are going to use it. 

One of the user’s favorite features is That the Echo Frames get turned off whenever they are set down on the table upside-down. This helps preserve your battery.

Privacy Concerns:

Where every amazon echo device is set to record only after hearing the wake word. But Amazon Echo Frames are designed for responding only to the wearer’s voice.

The Echo frames just look like any other pair of glasses and are meant to be worn in public. The wearer may have an idea about when Alexa is recording while others may not.

A subtle blue light will appear at the top of your right eye whenever Alexa starts recording. The only problem is that only the wearer can see the light no one else can.

Amazon’s privacy and data collection policies have also come under scrutiny in the last couple of years. For that Amazon has launched a new privacy feature that the user can be able to delete Alexa history with his/her voice.

There is also a button on the right stem of the Echo frame that you can use for muting the microphone.


Overall Echo Frame makes a strong case for smart glasses. Combining the smartwatch and wireless headphones features like instant notifications and voice assistant. There is a possibility that it can raise privacy concerns since others can’t tell when Alexa is recording.