A Modder Rebuild Nintendo 64 is smaller than it’s controller.

    Nintendo 64
    source: nintendolife.com


    In the modding community, taking the old consoles and making them as small as possible is a well-established tradition. Over the years, a niche community is working on making Nintendo 64 mods as small as possible. Recently, one modder broke that record. That modder has successfully redesigned the Nintendo 64 as smaller than the original controller.

    The modding community has made its own contribution to the gaming world. Modding is the word used for indicating the modification process. Modders come into the picture when making better portable versions of home consoles.

    One of that modding community, GmanModz has created a smaller version of Nintendo 64.

    The new Nintendo 64 is smaller than it’s cartridge.

    The old Nintendo 64 controller

    It is the primary form of input for the Nintendo 64 console. The controller comes with an analog stick and trigger behind the controller. It also includes a red start button, four yellow “C” buttons, an A and B button, a D-Pad, and an L and R button.

    New Nintendo 64 console

    Left stick click is L. Pressing the right stick click changes the left stick between analog and D-pad mode. R and Z are on the corners. The right stick emulates the C buttons.

    The new Nintendo 64 controller is slightly bigger than the Cartridge it takes. This Nintendo was cut, soldered, and molded into this handheld package. The new Nintendo comes with a screen, battery, and control buttons.

    The shell is designed with two different plastics. The back with the more heat-resistant plastic. It is an important consideration for designing a motherboard, That is designed to be in a roomy home console. Comes with three and a half-inch LCD display which is quite smaller than the display that you used to when playing N64. It has a resolution of 320×240. The battery powers the device for upto 1.5 hours. It uses a 12V DC barrel jack charger that can be used for charging and playing at the same time.

    The modder is no stranger to designing portable versions of the console. However, they gave themselves a challenge, not to custom design any boards. Though there are some boards inside that were available on an online modding shop, so none of it made especially for this project.

    Nintendo 64 video reveals interesting details:

    A recent video released from GmanModz explains all the details about how he built the world’s smallest Nintendo 64. The video has very clear information including how he uses 3D technology for some parts and how he uses computer technology for his plans. But he mainly followed the “old fashioned way” by taking Nintendo 64 and rebuilding it into a portable console.

    The video consists of much useful information like specs and details. He explains that he chose the tiny joy-con controller for saving the smallest amount of space. Along with that, the R and Z buttons are shoulder buttons on the top.

    In the video GmanModz actually gives a live example, Like playing Turok how the JoyCon analog works while playing. We can say that it performs better than the traditional Nintendo 64 controller. Playing games with the new redesigned Nintendo 64 controller setup makes them more interesting.

    In the video which reveals many aspects of the new Nintendo, also we can say that it has a great collection of games without a doubt. Because he plays some of the games in the video too you can check it by yourself.
    You can play them on the go. In fact, “Nintendo on the go” is very interesting. It can be used as a great sales pitch.

    The actual functionality of the Nintendo 64 is not upto expectations, it leaves much room for improvements. Especially battery life is very poor for a bit over an hour. The GmanModz says it isn’t comfortable to play with. But that is not the main motto behind creating this Nintendo 64. The main reason behind this creation is to create the smallest portable Nintendo 64 and they achieved it.


    Finally, a modder has successfully redesigned and made Nintendo 64 smaller than it’s Cartridge. Though there are some drawbacks like battery and inconvenient to carry around, the project was made to Make it smaller. And GmanModz has proved it by decreasing the size of the Nintendo 64 console to 23.3% smaller