26 Best apps in 2020 for your Windows PC

Windows apps
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If you have bought a new windows pc or thinking to improve the functionality of your old pc. There is no better way to do it, than installing some apps. Right now there are hundreds of Windows apps available on the internet and the Microsoft store for you.

Instead of Windows apps, you can also use your chrome tabs for accessing the same functionalities of the apps. But the problem comes when navigating between them, It will be too distracting to manage all those chrome tabs. 

So, it is best to install the windows apps for handling your different tasks like productivity, entertainment, and streaming, etc. 

Here is the list of the top 25 windows apps for your Windows pc to enhance its functionality.

Entertainment apps


NETFLIX is one of the most popular video streaming services available. It gives you access to all movies, TV shows, and series just for the $8.99/month price. There are other subscriptions also available that depend on how many screens you want to access at a time, and whether you want HD and Ultra HD services.


HULU is also one of the online Tv shows and Movies streaming apps. It has many on-demand contents ranging from Tv shows to Popular series. With HULU you can watch live TV from 65 channels. Along with that, you can add other services like HBO max and Showtime for an extra cost.


VLC is not a streaming service but adds quite useful functionalities for your windows PC. This VLC media player can handle all types of video formats. Very useful for watching presentations and meetings too. It works like a Windows media player, gives better stability and viewing experience.


Tidal provides you with 70+ Million songs, exclusive interviews, and exclusive releases. You get clear and the best high-quality audio. Stay in touch with all your favorite artists completely ad-free, Along with that, You can also check popular playlists picked by experts. Watch over 250,000 high-quality videos, interviews, and exclusive live streams, events.


It is a free open source media platform software, designed to look great on your big screen TV. This entertainment center brings life to your media. You can manage and use your media files with endless features. All this comes with an easy to use interface.



If you are looking for learning any new language, Then this windows app Duolingo is a great choice. It makes the learning process fun and addictive. Like playing a game you get points for correct answers and you get levels based on your progress. The bite-sized lessons are very informative and effective.

This Windows app is completely free and to remove ads you can go for Duolingo plus.


It makes your exam preparations and studies, simple and effective. With this windows app, you can organize your classes, tasks, and exams. It’s better than your paper planner. Allows You to check your progress across all devices. All these are available for free.


If you’re someone who is very fond of books, then there is no better windows app than Audible. Audible provides thousands of audiobooks that you can easily access through all your devices. You can also set bookmarks and continue from there on other devices. 

It comes with a free 30-day trial. If you’re someone holding amazon prime then it gets much better. Now you get a 90-day Audible free trial.

For Video Chat


This windows app doesn’t need an introduction in 2020. Because you may have used it a hundred times for attending your office meetings. Even your children are well aware of this windows app. Pretty much everyone using it every day.

It works perfectly well even for a slow internet connection too. You get a clear and stable video. It comes with cool features like personal chat along with that now you change your background too.


This windows app doesn’t have so many sophisticated features like ZOOM. Still, it has good video calling clarity. It is a Microsoft product so it comes with integration with windows 10. You can use your Microsoft account and connect it with your one drive and outlook if you want. You can save contacts and call them directly without using any invitation links.


It is one of the best video calling windows apps. It gives a high-quality video calling experience more than that it has end to end encryption. This makes it more secure and no one can track your history of video calls.


Zalo app also holds the same importance for privacy as Wire. It is mainly used by the younger generations. You can also play games and stream online while you are on the video call. You can access it across all devices without much hassle.

13.Google Duo

This is one of the best video calling windows apps from Google. It gives high-quality video calls, with better audio and it can work on different devices and you can make calls even if they are using tablets or smartphones. It can support 8 members at a time to participate in video calling. 

An interesting feature is that you can live preview the person who is calling you before accepting the call.

Content Creation

14.Adobe Creative Cloud

It is one of the best options for the content creators out there. Adobe Creative Cloud allows services and apps for fields like photography, video, design, and web development. It gives wings to your imagination you can create anything with a wide range of available tools.


It’s the fresh look of Microsoft paint. It provides raster graphics and 3D modeling for your creativity. Anyone can use it no prior designing experience is needed. From its available library, you can use Customize existing 3D models from scratch.



With this windows app, you can listen to thousands of songs and albums for free. At the same time, you can check out your favorite artist’s playlists and recommendations too. You can listen to a wide range of podcasts and audio lectures.


It is one of the well-known music player apps for windows. This music player gives a high-quality audio experience with less distortion. Comes with a comfortable and easy user interface. It supports all types of audio formats.


iTunes is one of the best free music players out there which supports windows as well as macOS. It can play your local music and the music on iTunes if you have bought an iTunes music store. Allows streaming from other devices also with the feature called Home-sharing.

19.Amazon Music

If you are an amazon prime member holder then you don’t want to miss this. You can choose from 20 million songs between 20 languages with this app.



You are well aware of WhatsApp messenger. With the WhatsApp web, you can access all the features that you get on WhatsApp from your windows pc. If you are already using WhatsApp you can easily access it through windows with just one click.


This app is the Facebook Messenger app for windows which is almost identical to the app that you are using on your mobile phone. All the functionality like creating groups and sharing files everything will be available.


It is a reliable app for making text, video messaging between friends and family. It supports tablets and other devices too. You can sync all your data like contacts, call history, and even can transfer ongoing calls between devices.


Telegram’s main focus is providing high-speed and secure messaging. It supports all other devices that can be accessed from tablets and phones. You can create groups, share all types among your friends and family. Comes with a special feature called Secret chat. Secret chat messages get destroyed from both the participating devices.

Social Media Apps:


Previously Instagram has only a browser version which lacks many functionalities that you get by using it on mobile. But now there is an Instagram app that you can install on your windows pc and access all the features that will be available on the phone.


25.WPS Office:

WPS Office works quite similar to Microsoft 365 but without charges. It also has the tools for opening, editing, and managing all your documents. It has a Writer, spreadsheets, PDF editor, and Presentation which supports all types of documents.


 It is known as the best task manager app. If you’re lost in keeping track of all the to-do list that needs to be done. Then this one helps in handling and managing all that list with ease. It can help you in setting reminders, due dates, and labels, etc.


Here is the list of the 26 best windows apps in 2020 that can handle all your requirements. Some come in free versions that can be upgraded for adding more features.