Microsoft’s new Windows 10 UI update”sweeping visual rejuvenation”

Windows UI Update


For indicating to its users that Windows Is Back, Microsoft is planning for a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows” Update in Windows User Interface(UI). That’s according to Microsoft’s job posting recently looking for a software engineering role in the windows core user experience team.

Microsoft has removed references to this “sweeping visual rejuvenation” this morning After many windows enthusiasts noticed the job listing over the weekend.

As per the rumors, Microsoft is planning to release new Windows User Interface (UI) changes for windows users later this year.

Here are some of the Improvements that Windows is planning for the future

The project is codenamed Sun Valley, Windows UI update:

Windows Central has reported about these Windows UI changes back in October only. Microsoft is planning a significant design refresh to the Windows UI and preparing a major OS update for Windows 10.

This Fresh Windows UI designing project is Codenamed “Sun Valley” internally, and is expected to release for the Holiday 2021 season along with Windows 10 “Cobalt”. It mainly involves modernizing the windows UI experience for customers to keep up with the other competitor’s lightweight and modern platforms.

In the last 5 years, many other platforms have seen a lot of improvements and redesigns. While Windows 10 has remained the same or seen some minor changes. But not any major changes in its design, features, and Windows UI.

Codenamed “Sun Valley” improvements in Windows UI.

Windows10 has done minor redesigns with the introduction of Fluent Design. Windows Devices and Experience team, led by Chief Product Officer Panos Panay announced. That Microsoft is going to reinvest in Windows 10 this year. And the project Codenamed Sun Valley is the result of that only.

It is still too early to say exactly what are the changes the Sun Valley project is going to make. However, as per Sources, we can expect a new start menu and activity centers. These are mostly based on the same experiences that you found on windows 10X, but tailored for desktop.

Microsoft is working on updating the taskbar with modern code, and an improved Windows UI. Tablets will get better animations and a more fluid experience. Microsoft is Redesigning the touch keyboard. Some of the UI changes include updates to sliders and controls.

The dark mode also has introduced to the Windows UI. These all just refreshed designs of fluent Design but not a complete redesign of the Windows OS.

When Can We Expect The Sun Valley Windows UI updates release?

As per the reports, we can say that Microsoft is not introducing any new design language to Windows 10 with the Project “Sun Valley”. It is simply refreshing an old design language and trying to apply it more consistently throughout the OS.

However, Some of these Windows UI updates likely won’t make it to the final product. It may be the reason why Microsoft is not announcing these Windows UI changes ahead of time. But Microsoft is planning to deliver most of these changes to Windows 10 users by the end of the Cobalt development semester. That is by June 2021.

If Microsoft succeeds in its Sun Valley plans, Then this will be the biggest Windows UI update we have seen so far. After the update the user can switch between old and new experiences for some features., Giving users a choice rather than forcing upon them.

In summary, we can say that the Project Codenamed Sun Valley mainly focuses on improving and modernizing the Windows UI for users.

Along with that, Microsoft is also working on improving the tablet mode experience. As per reports, we can say that to enhance Windows UI, Microsoft is working on a project named Latte that will help android app developers to install android apps to windows without any additional changes in its code.

By this, all the apps that don’t have windows versions will be available on Windows 10.

Microsoft’s efforts for making Windows UI consistent throughout windows can found on Windows 10X.

Windows 10X comes with better Windows UI:

Windows 10X comes with a slightly better and modern version of Windows 10. One of the noticeable UI changes we can observe in the Windows 10X start menu. It doesn’t include Live Tiles found on all other window devices, it comes with a more simplified look.

It also allows you to include apps that you can pin in place and access recent documents. You can do a web search, search for apps, media from the start menu. Cortana feature is not available in Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is especially designing for dual-screen hardware. The most significant change you found in Windows 10X the way you can multitask with apps. Apps can be dragged between two screens by using a mouse or touch and can expand them fully across dual-screen devices.

The Taskbar allows you to access settings like volume, brightness, Bluetooth, and more. Task view allows viewing the apps running on Windows 10X. Windows desktop and File explorer has been removed for further enhancing Windows UI.

Overall, We can say Windows 10X comes with better Windows UI updates and gives a new look to Windows 10. However, more details will be available after the company’s Build developer conference in May.

Microsoft rolled out new windows 10 Icons:

The company rolled out some new Windows 10 Icons a year ago. These new Icons are designed to modernize the Windows Operating system. All of these icons are far more colorful and vibrant than the Windows Icons available today.

These new icons push is part of the Fluent Design effort from Microsoft to give its users a better Windows UI experience. All of these changes you can observe in Windows 10X, the operating system Which is specially designed for Dual screen and foldable screens.

All of this clearly shows the efforts that Microsoft is making towards enhancing the Windows UI experience for its users.


After last year’s some additional Windows 10 UI changes. We can say that Microsoft is trying to improve its Windows UI consistency throughout the Windows operating systems. With the ‘sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows’ Update Microsoft planning to give Windows OS the UI enhancement that it has been promising for years.