Oneplus 9 pro supports 45W wireless charging, As per reports

Oneplus 9 pro

Last year Oneplus introduced its first wireless charging device Oneplus 8. This year Company is going to launch the Oneplus 9 pro with 45W fast wirless charging as per rumors.

A reputable leaker Max Jambor revealed on Voice that Oneplus 9 pro is going to support wireless and reverse wireless charging. Reverse wireless charging can power accessories like earbud cases and wearables, etc. By placing these Qi-compatible devices on the back of the phone. Thus sharing power between devices.

 Faster Wireless charging 45W means it can be much quicker than the Oneplus 8 pro 50 percent charging in 30 minutes. Along with that, it could feature 65W with wired charging of the Oneplus 8T, as per 9to5Google.

Oneplus 9 is expected to support wireless charging but it is not going to support Reverse charging. Various Flagship phones also offer reverse charging. But it is not yet confirmed that we require a new charge dock for taking full advantage of the faster speeds.

However, the Oneplus 9 pro decision of improving device charging, could potentially be very useful if other Flagship features of the device like an improved display and 5G support may drain the battery faster.

Oneplus 9 pros, rumored to come with an IP68 rating

In the Oneplus family, the Oneplus 8 pro might be the first device to come with an official IP68 Water and dust resistance, As per rumors now the Oneplus 9 pro will also come with this IP68 rating.

Unlike the Oneplus 9 pro, other devices like the OnePlus 9E and standard OnePlus 9 appear to be lacking the IP68 rating or any sort of splash resistance.

In fact, Oneplus 7 pro was one of the first Oneplus to come with some water resistance. But it never had any official IP rating. After that with continued pressure from customers and fans asking the company for an Official rating. 

The company decided to come with the Oneplus 8 pro having true water resistance protection with an official IP68 rating. Along with that, it now introduces the same IP68 rating in Oneplus 9 pro.

The Oneplus 9 pro was the first Oneplus device to come with reverse wireless charging. Over the last few years, many flagship android devices like pixel 5 and Galaxy S20 have adopted this feature.

The rest of the Oneplus 9 pro details remain a mystery, but leaked images and specs of Oneplus 9 reveals some information about the series.

Leaked Photos from PhoneArena, reveals some key details about the Oneplus 9 series

The Oneplus 9 series may not arrive until spring 2021. But luckily we get a glimpse of Oneplus 9 one of the series by the photos published by the PhoneArena.  

From the leaked photos we can say that Oneplus 9 will stick with the flat screen like Oneplus 8 and 8T. Comes with a Flat punch-hole camera in the upper left corner of the screen which is 6.55″. It has slim bezels 

It supports a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR content. The display comes with a resolution of 2400 x 1080p (Full-HD+). Along with the aspect ratio of 20:9.

It has a metal frame made up of Aluminum. The bottom consists of an all-important USB-C port and speakers. Along with that Bottom comes with a Simcard slot option and microphone on the top.

The left side of the frame comes with a volume rocker and the right side of the frame consists of a power button and Alert Slider.

Oneplus 9 comes with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

As per reports, Oneplus 9 comes with a Snapdragon 888 processor, the chipset of choice for 2021 flagship phones, This phone comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage with no option for expanded microSD cards. 

The Snapdragon 888 gives better power efficiency and an improved 5G connection. It also provides some substantial battery improvements for using 5G. It gives high-speed performance and power efficiency for AI tasks.

Coming to camera hardware, From the leaked photos we see that the camera bump pushed to the upper left corner. It also has new Ultrashort branding that we haven’t seen on previous models, which may or may not remain on the final device. 

Leaked Images doesn’t reveal any particular information regarding camera sensor resolution and focal length. The rear cameras seem like one will be standard wide and the other one ultrawide modules. The third one may be a depth-sensing camera.

Other details include that the phone including Oneplus 9 pro may come with a 4500 mAh battery. And also supports Android 11 with Oxygen OS.


As per the Reports, the Oneplus 9 pro comes with 45W wireless charging and with Reverse wireless charging. As a result, the device gets charged much faster than the Oneplus 8 pro 50 percent charging in 30 minutes. And we can expect 65W wired charging. Further details will be revealed once the spring launch of OnePlus’ newest phones, gets an official announcement.