Google and Apple warns Parler App for it’s objectionable content


Recently Google and Apple received several complaints against the Parler app for its objectionable content. Parler app was founded by Matze in 2018 as a “free-speech driven” alternative to mainstream social platforms. Apple and Google wrote to the Parler app to implement a full moderation plan for its content.

Parler has become one of the most popular apps in the US, attracting millions of conservatives over the past years. It became a safe haven for many users who are banned or suspended from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter for violating their policies. Compare to other platforms Parler app has a casual approach towards its content moderation.

Regarding the Parler content, the Activist group Sleeping Giant reached out to Google and Apple to Ban Parler app for its content calling for violence against elected officials.

It also posted some screenshots of app content. Which includes calling for President Mike Pence to face a firing squad and encouraging “American Patriots” to return to capital, Carrying our Weapons.

Apple gave 24 hours to Parler app for content moderation plan

According to BuzzFeed News, Apple warned the Parler app and to give a detailed moderation plan with 24 hours or face expulsion from the App Store.

Apple wrote to Parler executives ” That there were many complaints that the Parler app had been used for planning and coordinating the storming of the US capital on Wednesday by Trump supporters. The insurrection left five people and a police officer dead. Including numerous injuries and destruction of property.

And yet App appears to support for plan and facilitate further illegal activities.

Apple said, ” To ensure there is no interruption of your app availability on the app store,” Parler needs to submit an update regarding requested moderation changes within 24 hours” was sent on Friday morning.

Apple also said that it would remove the parler app from the store. If it did not receive any update from the App official within the time frame.

Google suspends The Parler app from its play store

Google also issued a similar report telling the parler app about its content. And informed that it would suspend the app listing in the google play store. Until it presents a new improved moderation plan that will address these “ongoing public safety threats”

Google Statement: We pulled The parler app out from the google play store. Because the app was not enforcing any new moderation policies and its continued egregious posts on the app that sought to incite violence in spite of google reminders.

On Parler CEO John Matze wrote

” We will not cave to pressure from anti-competitive actors! We will and always have enforced our rules against violence and illegal activity. But we won’t cave to politically motivated companies and those authoritarians who hate free speech!”

And he said in an interview with Times about Wednesday riot. That “he doesn’t feel any responsible neither the platform, we’re a neutral square town that adheres to the law”

If Google and Apple completely remove the Parler app:

Parler app downloads skyrocketed After Facebook and Twitter made their policies strict. Because Many conservative protesters are finding a home among like-minded people on those platforms.

But it is clear now Parler App will not able to maintain its app free to all status. Getting suspended from the Google play store will heavily impact the app. Apple and Google’s Operating systems are nearly every smartphone OS in the market.

If Apple also pulls the app from its store. iPhone and iPad users won’t be able to download the app. But for the people who have already installed the app will be able to use the app as usual. They can’t update the app. Meaning the Parler app will eventually be rendered obsolete as Apple updated its Software

Google suspension of the Parler app may be problematic. People with Android devices will still be able to use the app with a little bit of effort. Google allows other app marketplaces on its system. Google’s decision is only applicable to its flagship play store.

However, People can access the Parler via their web browsers from their phones and computers.

According to Sensor Tower, an app data firm ” Parler app has been downloaded by 10 million android and iPhone users. And most of the downloads nearly 80% comes from the United States only. A day after the Washington Wednesday riot. App downloads skyrocketed 39,000 times more than twice than the day before.

Recent threads From the app:

Recent content on the Parler app is also one of the reasons which encouraged the conspiracy theory that left-wing activists were behind Wednesday’s riot.

Similarly, Campaign named stop and steal against Donald trump’s loss also gained momentum in the app. As well as other conspiracy theories around the election that had been debunked elsewhere. Researchers have circulated some posts on Parler which led to the Wednesday riot. Some Parler posts like Chloroform. Silencers. SHARP knives & keep walking and another one “take zip ties with you, sneak up on them like ninjas and zip tie their hands and feet”

In a recent Parler post, Matze criticized Facebook and Twitter for their actions against the president’s posts.


The parler app has been suspended from the Google play store and Also warned by Apple. Regarding its content and to implement a content moderation plan within 24 hours. Otherwise, Apple will also remove the app from its store.