Sony Introducing Its 360 Reality Audio to Video Streaming

Sony 360 Reality Audio

Sony is going to expand it’s 360 Reality audio platform, bringing 360 Reality audio to other media and other devices. As well as offering new creation tools. It uses object-based spatial audio which presents a set of individual instruments and vocals to the listener in a virtual world around them.

360 Reality audio gives a real lifelike music experience. which enables its users a live concert-like feeling with it’s audio. Now, This 360 Reality audio tech will be available in videos too. In addition to this, Sony is working with service providers and its own record labels for bringing this 360 Reality audio to the streaming video content.

To showcase this new video capability Sony Music Entertainment artist Zara Larsson will be performing in an exclusive live performance with 360 reality audio on Jan 11 at 5:00 PM EST. Smartphone viewers can stream this performance with the Artist Connection app.

Sony 360 Reality Audio, How it Works:

It takes the audio experience to the next level. 360 Reality audio comes with impressive and real-life sounds. Music has never been so immersive and so real than this.

For proving more creative options for artists, New innovative technology 360 Reality audio came into the picture. It is based on object technology and provides a complete real-time music experience. Including, Variants like the artist’s voice, guitar, piano, even the voice of the audience all are mapped to 360 spherical space all around you. All the components come with defined distance and accuracy thus making your experience like sitting in a live concert.

You will get a feeling like artists performing in the same space that you are. Along with that, Sony headphones are designed in such a way to perfectly optimize the spherical sound field just for you. Also, These headphones can produce wider, realistic sound fields like speakers can.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio provides new sonic possibilities. Bringing distance, angle, reflections delays, and even individual shape of a user’s ear to headphones.

Sony also announces 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite For Content Creation

Sony collaborated with VIrtual Sonics for the software called “360 Reality Audio Creative Suite”. It allows its users generally content creators and musicians to produce music easily in an immersive spherical sound field. By using their usual platform and workflows in 360 Reality Audio format. All this within a studio or on the go with their laptop and headphones.

With this type of music, the creators can express their music in a much more creative way. Because this technology uses sony’s spatial sound technology. Users can be immersed in this sound, like as they enjoy live concerts. Music created with this tech can be enjoyed with compatible music streaming and normal smartphone apps.

Currently, the 360 Reality Audio Creative suite supports the mixing up to 1280 individual audios. It can also mix mono audio with automation capability and it allows you to dynamically alter the positions of objects in the sound field. It comes as a plug-in in both linear and non-linear workflows within the most popular digital audio workstations in both Windows and Mac Platforms.

Therefore, Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite is one of the innovations that improved the music industry dynamically.

Sony, Releasing two new 360 Reality Audio-compatible speakers:

Sony announced that by this year spring, it is going to introduce two new speakers compatible with 360 Reality Audio technology. They work on spatial audio technology. Which places vocals and different elements of music in the virtual sphere around you. These upcoming speakers are SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000.

SRS-RA5000 Speaker

This speaker consists of three up-firing speakers, three side speakers, and it has a woofer. It has been certified by High-Resolution Audio. It has a press and holds a button on the top.

SRS-RA3000 Speaker

This speaker comes with two tweeters, two passive radiators, and a full range driver. It is easy to set up and effortless to use. You can also connect with your TV also wirelessly.

Both Sony speakers support 360 Reality audio, able to deliver the ultimate in ambient room-filling sound. The music can envelop the whole room from wall to wall and with floor to ceiling sound.

You can easily pair your speaker with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Along with that, the WiFi connection will enable you to stream music effortlessly. Moreover, You can control both speakers with just your voice. It supports Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. Just the speaker to your speaker group using Google home app or Amazon Alexa App. With your voice, you can play music control volume, and can do many other tasks.

As per Sony currently, there are 4000 songs available in the 360 Reality Audio format including services like Tidal and Deezer. According to a press release on the Sony UK website both the speakers will launch in February 2021. But there may be some changes in the release dates as per regions.


Sony is introducing its innovative tech 360 Reality audio now into video streaming. Providing it’s user real life, a live concert-like audio experience. For demonstrating this new feature, Sony arranged a live performance by Zara Larsson’s with 360 Reality Audio.