Origin Updates RTX 3000 series GPU into EVO15-S and EVO17-S laptops

Origin Updates
Source: theverge.com

For providing Origin users better gaming experience and High-speed performance, Origin came up with a new Update. Which introduces Nvidia’s latest GeForce RTX 3000 mobile graphic card into its EVO15-S and EVO17-S. Along with that NT-15 and NT-17 workstations also include the same Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3000 cellular graphics playing card.

These laptops with the 10th Gen Core i7 Intel processors allow you to handle wide-ranging or on-demand tasks. With this new update, the laptop’s performance and multitasking will be at the next level. Both the laptops are thin and light that comes with high portability and also with powerful components inside. 

EVO15-S and EVO17-S are one of the best gaming laptops. The most eye-catching configuration is that these are highly personalizable. With custom UV printing, laser etching tech available. You can add your own logo and design with other options on Origin’s website.

All models EVO15-S, EVO17-S, NT-15, and NT-17 are available for ordering. So if you’re going for the newest update then make sure you don’t forget to select RTX 3000 chips.

Origin new update, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3000 mobile graphic card

Earlier this year Nvidia launched RTX 3000 GPU lineup. It was based on Ampere architecture. It comes with AI-powered software and new streaming multiprocessors. All this makes a power packhouse for delivering an Ultimate gaming experience

The resizable BAR support looks like a hint for upcoming driver improvement in Nvidia’s RTX cards. For that motherboard manufacturers will have to provide BIOS updates in order to this for Intel and AMD CPUs. 

Finally, we can say NVIDIA’s GeForce ecosystem with the latest Origin update RTX 3000 gaining strength and popularity with these new features.

Benefits of Origin update RTX 3000 Series GPUs

DLSS AI Acceleration:

Nvidia’s latest DLSS comes with groundbreaking AI that boosts frame rates with uncompromised image quality. By using the assigned AI processing Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX. This gives an advanced visual experience with high resolutions. The AI acceleration takes your gaming experience to the next level of virtual experience.

Ray Tracing:

One of the Best Origin update, Ray tracing is the technology that is the new tech of gaming graphics. It simulates the physical behavior of light for bringing a real-time cinematic experience for your laptops. Brings extra intensity and involvement into your games.


Ray tracing is not the only benefit of these new graphics cards. With Ampere technology, Nvidia is reported that it is not increasing the amount of RT cores. RT cores are used for accelerating ray tracing frame rates. Whereas Nvidia is making them perform better a lot better. As per some reports, the Ampere RT cores can process four times faster processing of intersections than current RTX Turning graphic cards.

In simple even low-end models of Nvidia RTX 3000 series will run rings around flagship models when it comes to Ray tracing.

GEFORCE Experience:

This allows to capture and share videos, screenshots, and live streams between friends and family. Keep your drivers up to date for optimizing your gaming experience through adjusting game settings. All this will be taken care of by the Geforce. Moreover, It is the main advantage of the Geforce Graphic Card.

Origin update comes with Nvidia Geforce game ready drivers which provide the peak level performance and smoothest transitions between frames in the game graphics. From the moment you start playing.


Developers can add more amazing graphic effects to Microsoft Windows PC games. GeForce RTX graphic cards can deliver advanced DX12 features. That includes like ray tracing and variable rate shading. Thus brings games to real life with ultra-realistic visual effects and high fast frame rates.

With the Nvidia Ansel feature, you can turn screenshots into art. It has an in-mode game photo that allows you to capture 360, HDR, and super-resolution photos. All this comes with the highest graphics that deliver a more immersive virtual reality experience.

In addition to this, Origin update includes Nvidia G sync feature allows you smoother tear-free gameplay at refresh rates upto 360Hz, Plus HDR, and more. It is the best feature for enthusiast gamers.

Software Differentiation of Origin Updates

 With improved ray tracing, Origin update Nvidia RTX 3000 graphic cards introducing applications like NVIDIA Reflex. It optimizes the pipeline for improving reaction times and lower input to output latency. These features show Nvidia’s commitment to gaming enthusiasts and ensuring that the GPU can deliver low enough latency responsiveness.

Another feature of the software of Nvidia is RTX Broadcast. It leverages the tensor cores and AI capabilities of RTX GPU to do audio noise removal. In addition to noise-canceling, RTX Broadcast also has background detection. Which allows you to insert any background image you want for broadcasting videos and streaming games.

The new RTX 3000 series is a very impressive improvement over the RTX 2000 series. It leans more heavily into NVIDIA’s software and peripherals ecosystem.

Along with all this Origin update features You can also configure both lines with 10th Gen Core i7 Intel processors. Comes with the storage option of up to 64GB of RAM, and up to 2 x 2TB of storage. You can select a 300Hz 1080p display (a new option for the 2021 models). and also a 144Hz 1080p display, or a 60Hz UHD display (which is an OLED on the 15-inch models).

All models have a bunch of useful connections like three USB 3.2 GEN 1 ports. It has one Thunderbolt 3 port. Along with one microSD Push-Push card reader. Other ports include one Mini DisplayPort 1.3, one HDMI output, and one RJ-45 Ethernet jack.


With all these features Origin’s new update RTX 3000 into EVO15-S and EVO17-S Along with NT-15 and NT-17 workstations provides an advanced gaming experience with impressive virtual reality.