Oculus quest will get Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing features soon

Oculus Quest
source: vrfocus.com

Oculus Quest headsets make the virtual world adapt to your movement, Letting you explore and experience games at a new level. For Quest, One of the most requested features from its users is “adding a secondary account”. Addressing this from Quest users Facebook finally announced that you can add multiple user accounts to your Quest headset.

Previously with Oculus Quest, you can only have one Quest account for the headset. It makes it difficult for users if they have children who want to play with it, You can’t add a secondary account with parental controls. Thankfully Oculus quest addressed this issue and made some changes. And outlined the details about how the system will work in its blog.

This feature allows families to experience multiplayer Quest games together on the different headsets after purchasing it just once. This feature will be available by February 13th, 2021. Soon you will be enjoying your favorite Oculus Quest games with your loved ones.

On the Oculus Quest developer blog, it said

Next month, We are rolling out the two most requested features for our Quest users. That is a Multi-user account and App sharing.

Multi-user account update allows you to create Multi-user accounts, The ability for multiple accounts to log in to a single headset. Along with this, you can now share apps between you and other devices.

Then primary account holders will be able to create secondary accounts for their devices and also you share your purchased apps with the secondary account. Along with that, The game progress and achievements will be personalized and saved separately for both primary and secondary accounts.

The company is expecting that these developments will help in increasing the VR community and prevent privacy. Initially, these features will be launched on Oculus Quest 2 as experimental. Then later these features will be rolled out to all other Oculus Quest devices. 

The primary account holder can create up to three secondary accounts and enable app sharing on a single device. If the households have multiple Oculus Quest devices, Then the app sharing feature will expand to allow the primary account holder to share their purchasings with the other three secondary account holders.

These features will be launched on February 13, 2021.

Oculus Said Once features are launched and based on the consumer and developers’ feedback. We may adjust the no. of devices and secondary accounts as required. 

If you have any app in the Oculus Quest store, then it will automatically opt for an app sharing feature starting from February 13, 2021. For that, you need to select the app you want to opt-out then go to the settings tab. Now choose ‘App sharing’.

For ensuring these features are used as the company intended. They’ve established the following guidelines. 

Guidelines For these features

To enable these features both primary and secondary account holders must log in to their own Facebook accounts in order to log in to the shared device.

Secondary account holders also can purchase their own apps or content on the shared device but they can’t share them with primary and other secondary accounts.

If permitted only the second account on the shared device can use the primary account app entitlements, including certain in-app purchases or DLC.

You cannot change the primary account without a factory reset. Along with that secondary account, holders can’t add other accounts only the primary account holder can.

An Oculus quest user can log into multiple devices simultaneously by enabling App sharing. But they can’t run the same app with their account on more than one device at a time. Based on the device limitations different accounts can use the shared app simultaneously.

Oculus quest’s Facebook account requirement is a bit controversial.

As one of the guidelines says that the Facebook account is required for both primary and secondary accounts for using App sharing. 

If you delete your Facebook account, then along with that your games also will get deleted. We hope that the same rule doesn’t apply to the secondary account holders. For children who are younger than 12 years, they have to use their parent’s primary account. Because only children older than 13 years can create a Facebook account.

Practically every other console manufacturer and game library’s have some child accounts and family sharing or parent control options. Whereas Oculus Quest didn’t have any rules towards its requirement of a Facebook account for kids. Along with that, it didn’t have any controls over secondary account holders such as restricting secondary account holders to purchase anything or access certain content.


Finally, the most requested features Multi-user and App sharing are going to be introduced to Oculus Quest soon. These features will allow users to create secondary accounts on their headsets. Thus allowing other people to log in and access content shared by the primary user while at the same time saving personalized data and achievements.