Best Apple Smartwatches with Many On-demand features

Apple Smartwatches

Nowadays, a smartwatch not only shows time but also can perform all the activities that your phone can. Many companies have entered into this wearable technology. In that, Apple has made its mark in smartwatches with its innovative design and on-demand features. 

Apple smartwatches are one of the robust smartwatches you will find. Their user interface is much slicker than many rivals, it works seamlessly and exclusively with the iPhone. And it comes with high-quality hardware. They make your day-to-day tasks easy and you can handle those tasks just from your wrist. Including fitness features that will help you in tracking and monitoring everything while you are working out. With these smartwatches, you can also set up an SOS feature that will detect an accident or fall, and it informs your contacts and emergency services.

With all these features apple smartwatches will be a perfect fit. But it takes some time when it comes to choosing the best one among other Apple smartwatches. For that, we have listed out here some of the best Apple Smartwatches. You can choose as per your requirement and individual needs. 

Here are the Best Apple Smartwatches

1.Apple Smartwatch SE

This smartwatch gives you all the useful features at an affordable price. It comes with a premium design that features an expansive display. In addition, it has advanced sensors and all features to maintain your well-being. 

The most important features are, It comes with a large display same as Apple Smartwatch 6. And it is powered by the S5 dual-core SIP that provides faster performance. Comes with an SOS feature to detect falling and emergency situations thus ensuring your safety. It has its cellular so you can carry it without your phone.

With Apple Music, you get nearly 70 million music tracks and podcasts. you can also listen to all the updates in the music industry and what is new in the motivation with Podcasts. For ensuring your well being you can track your heart rate and also keep track of your habits. Also, sleep tracking app which will help you in optimizing your sleeping goals.

Moreover Siri as your assistance, you can easily keep track of your schedule. Also You can also search for nearby places, get local news updates. You can even ask Siri to translate the foreign language for your convenience. It will even let you call anyone and read messages for you. And also you can browse the web with the help of Siri.

Apple Smartwatch SE lacks an always-on display. Furthermore some apps and features are too lightweight and battery life is too short which interrupts in making the best use of this Smartwatch.

2. Apple Smartwatch series 6

This Smartwatch is released along with the new Smartwatch SE. Smartwatch SE is relatively affordable Whereas the Smartwatch 6 is companies, top model. It has better features and upgrades than the Apple Smartwatch 5

One of those improvements is introducing a Blood Oxygen Sensor. Because Oxygen level in your blood is the one major factor that determines your overall well being. The innovative sensors and app in the new Smartwatch 6, which allow you to keep track of oxygen level in your blood day and night.

Additionally you will be having an ECG app. It is one of the best features of this Apple smartwatch. With this you can generate an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. This data can be very helpful for doctors and also helps in determine peace of mind for you. Similarly, The sleep app will help in establishing a regular sleeping time. In addition to this It will monitor and track your sleeping routine night after night.

The always-on display will be 2.5 times brighter when you go outdoors. Even in sunlight, you can easily see your metrics without raising your wrist. Also you can Listen to music and podcasts with Apple Music 70 million music tracks. With available cellular, you can stay connected with your loved ones even when you don’t have your phone.

It is available in great color options and seamless strap joints. The battery is not as great as expected but still lasts long enough to let you experience all the features. Also It lacks a headline upgrade.

3. Apple Smartwatch Nike

Along with Apple Smartwatch 6 and smartwatch SE, the Smartwatch Nike is also one of the latest releases in the Apple smartwatch family.

It is a stylish, premium, and good-looking device. In addition it Comes in grey and silver colors. It isn’t too bulky you can comfortably wear it. As well as that rain and sweat damage can be taken care of with the water protection. Apple says The Nike sports band is what separates it from other apple smartwatch siblings visually.

If you love running then this is the best partner to take along for a run. With the Nike Run Club app, you can monitor all your running with metrics like cadence, average pace, similarly total kilometers. Moreover, Nike Run Club will change the way you run and also it is the starting line for the ultimate running experience. You can also turn on the new Nike Twilight mode for enhanced low-light visibility.

However, It lacks an Always-on display, and battery life is the major drawback of this Smartwatch. Such as You can get a two-day battery life maximum.

4.Apple Watch Series 5

After Smartwatch 6, it is the second-best option that is totally worthy of your money. It comes with an always-on display you can always see the time and your watch face.

It has a heart rate app for monitoring your heartbeat. Also, it has an ECG app that can accurately check your heart rhythm. With Noise app alerts it will let you whenever your surroundings are getting too noisy that can damage your hearing and mental health. As well as that Cycle tracking helps in keeping track of the menstrual cycle.

Above all With advanced workout metrics and GPS, it tracks all your activities. In addition to this, It Provides you with health insights like how much time you are spending sitting, walking, and running. With its mobile connectivity, you can call and message, and also stream music.

It comes with a built-in compass and ground elevation. With the app store on your wrist you can instantly download and use the latest apps within seconds. On the other hand It doesn’t have cellular connectivity means a Non-cellular device. Also it doesn’t support IOS 12.

FeaturesApple Smartwatch SE
Apple Smartwatch 6
Apple Smartwatch Nike
Apple SmartWatch 5
Case Size44mm or 40mm Case Size44mm or 40mm Case Size38mm or 42mm Case Size40mm or 44mm Case Size
Always-on Retina DisplayNoYesYesYes
ConnectivityGPS+Cellular GPSGPS+Cellular GPSGPS+Cellular GPSGPS
ECG AppNoYesECG App requires Watch OS 6YES
Blood Oxygen AppNoYesNoNo
Water ResistantWater Resistant to 50 metresWater Resistant to 50 metresWater Resistant to 50 metresWater Resistant to 50 metres


These are the best Apple Smartwatches that features all the on-demand features with stylish and innovative design. Hopefully, this provides you with enough information to choose your next best Smartwatch from the Apple family