CES 2021 Event introduces new tech trends

CES 2021 event
Source: zdnet.com

CES event is the giant consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas every year in January. This year CES 2021 Which was an entirely virtual event, introduced some cutting-edge tech improvements in laptops, televisions, and many other fields. It offers a glimpse of what we can expect in consumer tech in upcoming years.

CES 2021 virtual event includes a massive number of innovative laptops from the PC makers like Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Along with this, we have seen very impressive gadgets like 5G smartphones and 2-in-1 tablets. It also introduced the hottest wearable technology like AR smart glasses and wireless earbuds. It consists of some major tech developments that will happen in streaming content, health, and fitness, Smart homes, and the gaming world.

As it was a virtual event, there was no hands-on time this year. But still, we have rounded some of the coolest tech trends that were introduced in the CES 2021 event. 

5G Technology:

5G technology is one of the prominent subjects on the show’s first keynote given by Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. He said, ” we are already aware of the impact of 5G technology on our lives.”

 All the new innovative toys and gadgets on the show require data to power them, For which mainly 5G has been used. 5G technology promises to access digital information at a higher speed in our lives than ever before.

In CES 2021 event, Many of the modern device manufacturers introduced 5G enabled devices, Such as mobiles, laptops, and processors. All of them come with a friendly budget approach. In that, Motorola introduced a 5G handset that will be available for under $400. Along with that Qualcomm also unveiled the Snapdragon 480 processor, which provides the computing grunt need for the new standard in a chip. Which is much less costly than the most 5G-ready processors. Similarly, Dell, Lenovo, and HP also introduced laptops with built-in 5G modems.

Besides, Samsung also unveiled a 5G based telematics control unit that uses features of the advanced network such as beamforming. It will help in boosting the connectivity used in cars. Enables them to connect and communicate with other devices in different cars. 

 In CES 2021 another recipient of an honorary innovation reward was Inseego, Who has created the world’s first mobile 5G hotspot and in-home 5G routers. They will bring a high-speed network for your home and office.

Some of the new laptops introduced at CES 2021

HP Elite Dragonfly Max Laptop

At CES 2021 event, HP expanded its business focus model Elite Dragonfly by introducing a brand new model the Elite Dragonfly Max. This new laptop weighs only 2.49 pounds with a thickness of 0.63 of an inch. Thus making it more portable and comfortable to carry it around.

It features a 5-megapixel camera and our wide-range microphones that are well suitable for video conferences. Powered by the 11th-generation Intel Core processor and comes with a 13.3-inch display. It also includes HP’s Eye Ease technology for reduced blue light.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga

At CES 2021 event, Lenovo introduced the company’s thinnest Thinkpad device to date which is the ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga. It is just 0.45 inches thick. It gets its name from the titanium material that used for covering the exterior of the device. In addition to this, laptop comes with an extremely lightweight, weighs only 2.54 pounds. 

It features a 13.5-inch display along with 2,256 x 1,504 resolution and 450 nits of brightness. In addition, it features optional 5G or LTE connectivity, and support for Wi-Fi 6. Powered by 11th-generation Intel Core processor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ for Business

Along with other laptops At CES 2021 event, Microsoft also announced a new version of its Surface Pro 2-in-1 tablet. However, the surface pro line always targeted professionals. The new version of surface pro 7 that is Surface Pro 7+ for Business is also designed for professionals. In addition to to give much more business-friendly features. Microsoft said” It is purpose-built with the needs of our business and education customers in mind”

Some major improvements from surface pro 7. Includes Optional LTE advanced connectivity and removable SSD to help enhance security and data retention. In addition to that, longer battery life which will provide up to 15 hours on a charge. It also includes an 11th-generation Intel Core processor for faster performance speeds.

Taking Entertainment to next level 

For enhancing your entertainment experience many new tech gadgets, introduced at CES 2021 event. Some of them are: LG announced its 55-inch “invisible” OLED TV. It comes with an interior design possibility such as TV screens that act as windows. And if you like the idea of watching TV on a 140-inch screen. Then you might try out TCL’s wearable display headset. Moreover, it uses two 1080p OLED displays for giving the viewer the impression of watching on a much larger screen.

In addition to this Razor’s Project Brooklyn introduced a gaming chair that features a 60-inch wrap-around screen. That rolls out from behind the chair.

Dell said ” It had seen an increasing surge in the sales of gaming hardware like its Alienware gaming laptops. Announcing the newest models of these devices will make 8K resolution games running at 60 frames per second the standard. Also ASUS showed off its ROG Flow X13 gaming laptop that consists of up to three dedicated graphics processing cards.

One of the interesting techs is, Ampere introduced the world’s first Water Powered Bluetooth speaker. Designed to be built into a showerhead. The shower power has a mini internal generator that converts kinetic energy from falling water into electricity to keep it charged.

For ensuring safety LG introduced an autonomous anti-covid robot that uses UV-C to disinfect spaces and surfaces. It can be used in schools, colleges, workplaces, and hospitals.


These are some of the best technologies, introduced at CES 2021 virtual event. However, It gives us a glimpse of what kind of technological developments we are going to see over the course of the next two to three years.