WIFI problems and it’s Troubleshootings: Easy and Effective

WIFI Problems
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Nowadays we cannot imagine our lives without the internet. Having WIFI in our homes has become so common in our day to day lives. Whenever you want to listen to any music, streaming your favorite shows, and for managing your work from home. Everything that you do from morning to evening requires WIFI. There is a chance that you will face some WIFI problems from time to time.

If your WIFI connection goes down then suddenly everything that you do online will be interrupted. But many WIFI problems are easy to fix and without any expertise, you can restore your wifi connection. So here are some of the most common WIFI problems and how you can troubleshoot these issues.

Wifi Problems and its Troubleshoots:

Weak signal

If your WIFI signal is not strong enough to do your online tasks. That you often face problems with being reliably on the wifi network. 


You can try moving your access point to the middle of your room. Sometimes the signal is not able to reach because of the obstacles like walls and other things that can interfere with the WIFI signal. So, by placing the WIFI router in the middle of the room, there will be less interference between the wifi signal and your device. 

And also the closer your router to the center of the coverage area, the better signal you will get throughout your house.

Another solution is to try changing your device’s antenna angle. Sometimes this technique also helps in getting better signals.

Also, don’t forget to check your WIFI speeds with the help of an internet speed testing tool to make sure your ISP speeds are on point. You can try the network speed test app that is available on the Microsoft store.

Slower Connection and speeds

If your WIFI connection is still working but you are not getting slower speeds than normal. It may be because there is a lack of bandwidth for slowing down your internet speed. Your typical speedy internet spread thin and shared across multiple devices.


The first step is that you need to disconnect any other device that you are not actively using. If multiple users want to stream videos, watch youtube and Netflix, while someone is working on photo or video editing online then you can try connecting one or more devices directly to the router using a Cat-5 ethernet cable for freeing up some bandwidth.

Often the reason for thsi type of WIFI problem is that you just don’t have enough bandwidth to support all the devices.

Common WIFI problem:No Internet connection

Sometimes there will be some glitches and the router or modem just stops communicating entirely. 


In such cases just pull the plug and wait for some time. Then restore the power then check your connection. Another reason this happens is that the router has reset itself. In such case connect a laptop or desktop to it via ethernet cable. Then set up a wireless router and get everything properly configured again.

Still, if you don’t see such a network, plug your laptop into the router with the help of Ethernet. And check whether you are getting a connection or not. Or check your router’s IP address and login information. Contact your Internet service provider (ISP) and let them know you’re affected. 

If an unknown device accessing your WIFI network

If you observe frequently that there are some unknown devices accessing your Wi-Fi network. And you are not able to get the best from your WIFI network


To solve this type of WIFI problems, You can go to google and search your IP address on your browser. Then log into your WIFI app or administrator settings. Then observe all the devices that are connected currently then pinpoint all other devices that are unknown to you that you don’t recognize.

Check whether these are the connections that you don’t know that you had. Every smart device will have its own connection and name. They can have some strange default names if you didn’t name them. This includes your gaming consoles and smart TV that you have may also be connected.

The next step is you identified all your potential devices yet you find there are some other devices that you don’t recognize. There is a chance someone else has hijacked your WIFI network. In such situations, check-in your settings whether that you have an option to block these devices from your network. If possible ban their MAC addresses also. 

For additional security change your WIFI password and reboot your router. With this, you can restrict unwanted guests to take advantage of your network even though you may not stop especially determined hackers.

If a recent update caused WIFI problems on your system

Sometimes when you update the system for the latest versions. It may give some new features but in case it causes any WIFI problems. Like the Windows 10 update which came in mid-2020 came with some bugs that caused WIFI problems. Such as stopping some users from connecting to their WIFI networks and even seeing WIFI connections entirely. Similarly, updates to iOS, Android, and other platforms have resulted in bug issues in the past that interrupt WIFI connections.


When you face such situations the best solution to such WIFI problems, Wait for a patch that solves the issue. However, you can also remove the update and just go back to your earlier version to help get your WIFI problem solved. Then it functions and brings your online connectivity back.

One particular device can’t connect to your WIFI

If you are facing an issue where you can’t connect your WIFI with one particular device. There is a chance that it is just a temporary issue. 


In such cases just try turning off the WIFI on your device then switching it on it will work. If that doesn’t work do the same with your router try unplugging for a minute then replug it.

If it doesn’t work or even it works but you face the same issue. Consider deleting your network from the list of saved WIFI networks on your device. Then try reconnecting it.

If you are using Windows 10 and face this WIFI problem then search for WIFI troubleshooting. Then open the result which normally should Identify and Repair Network Issues. Then it will go through a series of diagnostics which may sometimes help in restoring the WIFI connection.

If you’re on macOS then try running Wireless Diagnostics. For a second hold, the Options key and then click the AirPort (Wi-Fi) icon on the menu bar. Find Open Wireless Diagnostics, then go through the on-screen instructions. Hopefully, it will help if not then consider rebooting the device.


These are some of the common WIFI problems that you may face. We have listed some of the troubleshooting options that you can go through and resolve your WIFI issues.