Samsung Galaxy Watch4 rumored to feature a Blood sugar level monitor

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Recently, many smartwatches are getting a number of health features making them do more tasks than a simple watch can do. In that Samsung galaxy watch, 3 made its mark with features like heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. Now, Samsung is rumored that the new galaxy watch4 will be coming with a blood glucose monitoring.

Blood glucose monitoring or it can be called blood sugar monitoring is often performed by people with diabetes and other health conditions that impact blood sugar levels. Normally these tests require a small blood sample that can be acquired by pricking your finger with a medical device. Which is often how the blood sugar levels are tracked. Whereas the Samsung galaxy watch4 uses some other technology that won’t need you to go through painful operations like pricking your finger. 

The leaked reports claim that the Samsung galaxy watch 4 blood glucose monitor will help users to adjust their habits and meals more systematically. 

Here are some of the details Samsung Galaxy Watch4

According to ET News, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 uses a technology that will support blood glucose monitoring without the need for piercing the skin. This smartwatch uses a technology based on Roman Spectroscopy. which uses a laser beam to interact with molecular vibrations. With that data, it will determine the molecular structure of whatever is being scanned. Simply it shines a near-infrared light and measures wavelengths caused by vibrations of molecules.

Raman Spectroscopy is a non-destructive chemical analysis technique. It provides information regarding chemical structure, Phase, and molecular interactions. It is based upon the interaction of light with the chemical bonds within a material.

This feature of the Samsung galaxy watch4 is especially for diabetic users. However, it is unclear how accurate information this feature provides compared to traditional tests.

There are at least a few concerns regarding this feature

Those concerns are like, previously some health features of Samsung have been proven to be unreliable. Because Samsung galaxy watch 3 blood oxygen tracking often produces results that are not quite accurate. Other than that These features have very slow rollouts in markets outside Korea. Since these health features have to be approved by each country’s medical policies.

As per reports, the blood oxygen tracker on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 didn’t perform well. Max Weinbach of XDA Developers also added that the watch 3 sensors didn’t produce accurate results in his testing. Along with this Daniel Bader of Android Central also proclaimed similar complaints. In other words for the United States region. All of the watch 3 most advanced features are not working well or else not rolled out at all.

Apart from these mixed statements about blood oxygen tracking. There are not any other functional issues with the Samsung galaxy watch 3. They are fast and responsive as all other Samsung smartwatches. And Tizen clearly outsmarts Google’s wear OS.

We can expect Samsung Galaxy Watch4 release date and price

We know that the Samsung galaxy watch 3 was announced on Aug 21 of 2020. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 was announced on Aug 5 of 2019. Adding to this the original Samsung galaxy watch also came on Aug 9 of 2018.

With all that in mind, we can expect that Samsung Galaxy Watch4 may get announced in August of this year. Though there are no official release dates or rumors yet, so we can’t be certain. Probably you may not get a Samsung galaxy watch 4 on your wrist before late august.

Coming to the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, there are no official releases yet. But we can expect that it might well be like the galaxy watch 3, which starts at $399 / £399 / AU$649 for the smaller 41mm model. For larger 45mm $429 / £419 / AU$699. The price rises in both cases if you are going for LTE connectivity.

Coming to Battery Life

The Samsung galaxy watch 3 comes with some battery life issues. Even though it isn’t terrible, you need to charge every two to three days for our tests.

In fact, the battery size and life it delivers are both actually a step-down from the original Samsung galaxy watch. By this, we can expect the Samsung galaxy watch 4 to come with a better battery. That can go four to five days between charges. Getting this technology in the wearable may be a little tricky to keep the wearable slim and lightweight.

One rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch will have a glucometer, for measuring the blood sugar of the user. It is not clear if this feature is for the samsung Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch Active 3.

As per reports, Apple is also planning to introduce similar technology in its next smartwatch lineup. Samsung and Apple will need to secure regulatory approval. If they want these wearables to be used for medical devices. which will help diabetic patients in monitoring blood sugar levels. If the devices produce accurate readings than traditional methods. Then it will become the best and painless way for people to measure their Blood sugar. And make wearables a must-have for people across the world.

According to the CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. Nearly 34 million Americans have diabetes. By introducing a noninvasive way to monitor blood sugar. Which will be a game-changer for medical professionals. Because many companies have failed to detect blood glucose levels outside of traditional ways. It’s difficult to monitor and test blood glucose levels. Without piercing the skin for blood samples.


As per reports, The Samsung galaxy watch4 will be set to be announced in the second half of the year 2021. And it is rumored to come with a feature that could detect blood glucose levels. A very beneficial feature for people with diabetic conditions.