Apple’s new iMac rumored to come with a redesign and AMD graphics

Apple's new iMac

Apple is expected to reveal a new iMac this year. Some rumors suggest that it not only runs on Apple silicon chips but also comes in a design with new display technology. A mysterious system benchmark results indicate that this could be the prototype for the next-generation new iMac from Apple sometime soon in 2021.

This mysterious system packs a new Core i9-10910 processor and AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics card. Along with 65GB of RAM, It has spotted on an Ashes of the singularity benchmark score.

Apple is not the only company to pair Intel processors with AMD graphics hardware. Apple using this combination is very rare, especially with the slightly different models that are already on the market. If rumors are accurate Apple, already in the benchmarking phase for a new iMac. We can say this new model will officially announced sometime in spring 2021.

So here is everything that you need to know about Apple’s new iMac

As per rumors, the Core i9-10910 was a new processor exclusive to Apple. The CPU comes with 8 cores,16 threads, a base frequency of 3.6 GHz. Also, it has a max turbo boost of 5GHz flat. This processor also includes a configurable TDP of 95W-125W which further proves this CPU targeted towards compact systems like an iMac. It is roughly 10% faster than its predecessor that is Core i9-10900 as per Geekbench 5 results of the CPU.

An interesting aspect of this benchmark result the GPU used in the system, which is a Radeon Pro RX 5700 XT. However, the Radeon Pro 5700 XT is simply a Pro model of the 5700 XT with a lower TDP. But some sources inform that Apple will feature M1 ARM-based chips in the unit instead.

This means Apple is going to launch two different versions of the new iMac, one with Intel silicon and the other with Apple’s M1 chips.

Apple new iMac may come with Redesign

Apart from the new processor, Apple is said to introducing a redesign in the new iMac. Which is very outdated and the iMac design hasn’t changed in over a decade. Maybe this is the longest Apple has ever gone without refreshing a product’s design.

Bloomberg reports indicate that we can expect Apple to slim down the bezels around the screen. The chin size below the screen will also reduced. Alongside slimmer bezels, we may get a bigger display and better display tech on the iMac. Slimmer bezels will help you in seeing a bigger screen on the new iMac without the iMac getting itself any bigger.

Not only the outside that gets updated. Also, the tech inside the iMac is becoming more powerful and hotter. When Apple’s powerful iMac Pro came in 2017, it became important for Apple to make some changes on the inside for a better cooling system.

iMac 2021 Apple Silicon

We are expecting an ARM-powered iMac this spring. There are some rumors about a re-designed iMac with Apple Silicon inside in recent months. The new iMac 2021 using an Apple Silicon Chip, ignoring the Intel chips completely. Whether it a boosted M1 chip, the same as in the Mac mini M1, or else a brand new custom ARM-based chip still to be made clear.

Recently a leak suggested that the iMac 2021 may come with Cupertino’s first desktop-class Apple Silicon chip, called A14T. This chip tipped to come paired with a custom Apple GPU. Which could integrated into the same chipset as the main processor or used as a separate graphics accelerator.

When it comes to laptop-grade processors the first Mac machines with the M1 chip have hugely impressive and beat the gauntlet to Intel. We have to see if Apple can come up with desktop chips that throw down with Intel processors a second time also.

For people who are a bit gamers or who want to do heavier video rendering work on the latest Mac, it will be a little disappointing because the M1 chip does not support external GPUs. But we are expecting to see Apple bring back eGPU support with the new iMac 2021. else it may find a solution for delivering some pixel-pushing power with its own silicon.

new iMac display

As per recent leaks, iMacs use an IPS LCD display with a resolution of 5K. With a True Tone Tech and nano-texture glass which the same used in the Pro Display XDR. The iMac 2020’s display is impressive and at the same time expensive and comes in a 27-inch version.

There is a probability that Apple will bring the full 5K Retina display to its smaller iMac with some upgrades. Upgrades may include improved colors and better true tone. Which automatically sets the color of the display as per the environment it is in. Whereas some rumors also inform Apple may opt for a mini-LED display for its new iMac.

The mini-LED displays consist of thousands upon thousands of tiny LEDs. Which used to form the backlight of a display panel. These displays can offer better contrast and effectively better color reproduction over normal LCD panels.

Coming to pricing details of the new iMac

Officially there is no particular information to base pricing of the iMac 2021. But it may track with that of previous iMacs. Apple seems to keep pricing reasonably related when it comes to moving from one generation of device to another. Apple is almost
certainly going to use its own in-house chips to power new iMacs.

Most of the information regarding Apple’s new iMac so far is based on leaks and some expert’s expectations. But iMac surely is on its way. We can expect Apple to bring new designs to the new iMac. along with a move to Apple silicon chipsets.


An unknown system packing a new Core i9-10910 processor and AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics also with 65GB of RAM. These details are from the benchmark score in Ashes of the Singularity, of an initial report of Tom’s Hardware. It indicates that this system possibly is a prototype of the new iMac.