Nvidia Geforce Now supports chrome web browsers and M1 Macs.

Nvidia Geforce Now
Source: theverge.com

Nvidia Geforce now is the brand for the Nvidia cloud gaming service. Bringing resource-intensive games to laptops and other devices that might not be capable enough to run those games by themselves. For them, Nvidia has announced its cloud gaming service Nvidia Geforce Now beta version for chrome web browsers and M1 Macs.

Nvidia Geforce Now is one of the top cloud gaming services. Which already had applications for android and windows 10 devices. It launched its first browser-based client for Chromebooks last year in April. In November Nvidia Geforce Now was available for iOS/iPadOS devices through safari, bypassing Apple’s app store. The company said that it is planning to officially extend its support for its browser client to more chrome platforms, including Linux, Mac, and Android. 

Now with version 2.0.27 of Nvidia Geforce Now rolling out with beta support for chrome on windows and macOS. With this, anyone with a chrome browser can start streaming by visiting Geforce Now official site. And create an account using any laptop. If you are using M1 Mac then for this new version of Geforce, through a new dedicated application.

Nvidia Geforce Now, for streaming games

In its release notes informed that users of Google Chrome on Windows and macOS. Can now start streaming games by visiting the Nvidia Geforce site. Nvidia states that other platforms using chrome browsers may also work by visiting the site, but the company doesn’t ensure its support.

The Company used the WebRTC framework that helps in optimizing the browser experience to give you the same feel as a native app. Previously it was possible for some users to access Geforce Now’s web client on any OS by spoofing the user agent string. But the issue is users who did often noted high input lag, thus making many games unsupported.

For successfully streaming games from Geforce Now, you need to be in a supported region. If you visit the website today using Google chrome on Windows or macOS, then you will observe a notification that informs you to download the native client for the best gaming experience. Native clients for Geforce Now are already present for x86 and x64 PCs running Windows 10, along with that a new client is also available for Macs with Apple Silicon.

However, there is not a native client available for Linux or Windows 10 on RAM. So this new browser will be the best option for you to play games through Geforce Now on these platforms.

You can also invite a friend to Nvidia Geforce Now

For chrome Browsers

With Nvidia’s expanded browser support it’s much easier to use Geforce Now. On chrome browsers, Nvidia allows you to share a URL for any game on Geforce Now, With your friends. For that just click on any game details options. Then go copy the URL shown in your browser and share it using social media or text message and email to your friends to invite them to play.

For iOS and iPadOS

In iOS and iPadOS, you can directly share games with a built-in option to any app that is integrated into iOS/iPadOS Share, Including other apps like iMessage and Whatsapp, and more. For that follow the steps

  • Launch GeForce NOW in your iOS or iPadOS
  • then select any game and open the game details options.
  • Click on SHARE to open an iOS/iPadOS Share dialog.
  • Finally, select any installed app – like iMessage – to share.

GeForce NOW 2.0.27 Fixes some Bugs

The new version of Nvidia Geforce Now solved the issue where some gamers that were available on multiple game stores were seeing the same store repeated while using the search or on the game details.

And Geforce Now will get auto-updated accurately after clicking relaunch Now on macOS. Also, your preferred game store will now be well selected when you want to launch a game for the second time. You will not see an infinite spinner in the feedback dialog box if you lose network connection.

The previous issue with the setting page, that it will no longer freeze after pressing the snap button while using Ansel. The correct filter will become active when you shift from Ansel to Freestyle.

Nvidia Geforce Now is like a PC in the cloud.

Same as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, Geforce Now is basically a PC in the cloud that you rent and use to stream and play your games. The best part is you can play with a mouse, keyboard, a gamepad, and even a wireless headset, all of them you can use for gaming effortlessly in chrome. Whereas it isn’t supported in Microsoft Edge currently, even though it’s a chromium browser presently. Without a doubt, you have to be in a region where Geforce Now is available.

Nvidia’s changelog also has listed a few other changes for making the service more user friendly in a browser. Such as the ability to create a dedicated shortcut for your game. And a new way to share links that will help your friend in reaching directly to a game.

Geforce Now expansion issues.

There is a policy for Geforce Now cloud Gaming service. Which is the publishers and developers will have to opt into the platform for having titles remotely playable via Nvidia servers. So you can play and unlock PC games that you already own to stream via the service.

Nvidia Geforce Now faced another hit this weekend when a new publisher pulled its software from the cloud gaming service. Because Geforce Now unlike Google Stadia, allows anyone who purchases a digital game on other marketplaces like Valve’s Steam marketplace. And lets you reinstall it on a virtual machine and play it using Geforce Now cloud platform. 

Many of the developers were unhappy with Nvidia because Geforce Now allows players to stream their games without permission and Nvidia gets to profit off a monthly membership.


Nvidia’s Geforce Now game streaming service is now available in beta version for chrome web browser and M1 Macs. Bringing intensive games to other devices that are not capable enough to run by themselves.