Chrome update brings new interface for tabs, and tab grouping


According to 9to5Google reports, Google stated that its chrome browser is getting a convenient way for organizing web pages. Recent update on Android App chrome comes with a new user interface for switching between tabs, a new tab grouping feature to help you organize web pages on the browser.

Previously this tab grouping feature rolled out for desktop now it is coming to Chrome for Android with a new grid layout. Some reports suggest that the new update and its functionality has been appearing on some users with the chrome latest version 88, at the same time it seems that it isn’t available for everyone just yet.

This chrome update brings Chrome tab grouping feature and tab grid view

Chrome’s new grid layout replaces the old interface consisting of a vertically arranged list of tabs. That nearly occupied the entire width of the screen. Whereas with the new update each tab is significantly smaller. And you are able to see more of the page without having it covered by the other tabs. Same as previously, the favicon, page name, and close button appear at the top. While you can swipe the tabs left or right to dismiss them. A small tweak is that you can observe a New Tab label in the top-left corner.

On most chrome browsers, At a time you can see six tabs on the screen. Because of this chrome’s tab grouping update, For opening the Incognito tab you can do that by clicking on the small incognito icon on the top of the screen. There’s Instead of a switcher at the top to access that grid view.

Creating tab groups in chrome browser

With this new update, Google is bringing tab groups to the Android chrome browser. By using the grid you can drag and drop one tab on another to make a grouping. Another way to create this is to just go to the overflow menu and select “Group Tabs”. While clicking on any link that shows a new “open in a new tab in group” option. 

For viewing tab groups you have to select a new bottom bar switcher with favicons that appear with each open tab. On the left-hand side, you will observe a chevron symbol that opens the grid layout for that space whereas a new tab button will be at the right corner.

Along with last week’s chrome version 88 update, the chrome grid view and tab grouping also started rolling out. Yet it is not widely available but it seems that these updates are appearing more than before via a server-side update.

Chrome version 88 update:

 The chrome version 88 on desktop and iOS, After changing the credentials for a website, Google is now promoting you to update that password the next time you enter it. Otherwise, you can also change the password manually “Edit password” from the central list on chrome://settings/passwords. It is available from the overflow menu. If not it’s not yet available then you can enable this feature by using a flag.

Along with this, that page now can help you generate a list of accounts that have weak credentials by tapping “Check passwords.” Google also announced that chrome’s safety check feature, which identifies violations is used 14 million times per week. It has helped to reduce 37% in compromised credentials stored in the chrome browser.

Google also says that Chrome’s Safety Check feature, which identifies breaches, is used 14 million times per week, and that there’s been a “37% reduction in compromised credentials stored” in the browser.

The chrome 88 is rolling out a new chip UI for allowing site permissions. Also whenever you are screen sharing the chrome, notifications will not appear till the session is ended or you approve them manually.

How to turn off Chrome new update of tab grouping 

This grid view is already available for users for some time now on a chrome browser for iOS. Whereas some users are not happy with this new layout, they prefer the old layout that has remained approximately unchanged for years.

 In cases, if you want to turn off this chrome tab grouping, you can enter the below link in the address bar, tapping the dropdown menu, and choosing “Disabled.” Then relaunch your chrome browser by selecting the blue button that you can observe at the bottom of your screen. For that, you may need to close the chrome from background apps or else force stop the app from the app info.

Other ways of tab grouping in chrome browser.

Even though these features rolled out last week but still they are not available for everyone. However, you can manually activate these chrome updates just by using chrome’s experimental flags. You can also try by navigating to chrome://flags in the address bar. Then search and enable the options such as Tab Grid Layout,” “Tab Groups,” “Tab Groups Continuation,” and “Tab Groups UI Improvements” Then restart your browser. for some users the features started appearing when they restarted their browsers twice.

And we know that chrome is not the only browser to offer this built-in tab grouping. These features were already available with Vivaldi.

The tab stacks allow you to group your browser tabs to avoid confusion and keeps you organized when you are dealing with several tabs. Along with the tab bar, tabs can also be managed in the windows panel. If you previously want to go for group tabs in chrome browser, then you need to rely on third-party extensions.


As per reports claims, the new chrome update brings a new interface for switching tabs. And a new tab grouping feature to help you in organizing several tabs. This update started rolling out with the release of chrome’s new version 88 last month. But for some users, these updates are still absent.